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Wall Anchors

Wall anchors actively protect your foundation from weak soil and prevent foundation problem signs from arising. Installing wall anchors helps keep your home at optimal health!

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Have you noticed foundation problem signs around your home such as wall cracks or sagging floors? These are caused by foundation damage, and wall anchors can provide a permanent fix. Our experts at Mount Valley are trained to install these useful solutions, and we can help protect your home. Here, we’ll go over everything you need to know about wall anchors.  

How Wall Anchor Installation Works 

Wall anchors make use of the interior and exterior of your foundation for optimum support. All foundation repair products should be handled by an expert for the best results. Any errors could result in further damage to your home, so here’s what you can expect from our professional team. 

  1. Exterior Excavation 

The first step in installing wall anchors requires digging a hole for the exterior earth anchors to be securely implanted in the soil. Eventually, these exterior anchors will be connected to wall plates on the interior walls of your foundation. Don’t worry, our team will make sure your yard is back to normal when the entire installation process is completed.  

  1. Drilling Holes and Installing 

Next, our team will drill holes at the excavated sites where steel rods will be attached to a wall plate located inside the foundation and an anchor located outside the foundation. Once these holes are drilled, our team installs the actual anchors that provide extra support to your damaged foundation. After this step, your foundation is well-protected, but it needs one more adjustment to stay completely supported.  

  1. Tightening 

Finally, the rods will be tightened until they are taut and apply enough pressure to prevent your foundation from moving, even after they are in place. This must be done with caution to ensure that the walls don’t crack from sudden pressure. Once completed, your foundation presents no more risk of movement. As an added bonus, the steel rods can be tightened by our team to strengthen and help straighten the wall over time. 

Why Our Wall Anchors Stand Out from the Rest 

wall anchor installation diagram
  • They actively protect against hydrostatic pressure, a powerful force that can damage soil and foundation walls with massive amounts of pressure. 
  • They can restore foundation walls back into their original position, increasing the structural health of your home and lowering safety risks. 
  • They can raise the value of your home by offering permanent protection and making your home safer and looking even better than it did before.

Signs Your Home Needs Wall Anchors

Foundation Heave

Foundation heave refers to sections of your foundation that may be exposed above the ground due to foundation damage. This can cause floor and wall cracks as some sections of your foundation move and others don’t. Wall anchors can re-level these uneven sections and close up any cracks that may have formed as a result.  

sticking door

Stuck Doors and Windows

Foundation damage can lead to an uneven foundation, which potentially causes doors and windows in your home to become crooked in their frame. When this happens, opening them can be a struggle. Doors might drag along the floor and windows may not open at all. Wall anchors can get your foundation back to where it was and move doors and windows back into their original position.  

diagonal drywall crack

Wall Cracks

As with other problem signs, foundation damage also causes wall cracks to form inside and outside your home. Not only does this look unsightly, but it can put your walls at risk of complete structural failure. Wall anchors remove this risk and keep your walls and foundation permanently safe.  


Yes, Mount Valley also offers pier systems and a wall repair system which can also solve foundation issues. Ultimately, the most effective solution depends on the specific problem your home is facing. Wall anchors might be a better solution for some homes rather than others. However, no matter what solution our team assesses as the best fix for your home, you can be sure that they all solve foundation problems for good.  

No, wall anchors require special equipment and training to be installed properly. DIY options can lead to further damages that might put you and your home at greater risk. Plus, installing these tools wrong doesn’t actually fix the problem. Foundation problems will continue to plague your home, and you’ll end up feeling more frustrated than you were before.  

Soil issues are the main culprit behind foundation damage. When soil becomes too wet, too dry, or is not packed together tightly enough, foundation problems occur. Wall anchors work to remove soil from the equation all together so that your foundation doesn’t have to depend on it to stay afloat. Instead, the strength of the wall anchors becomes the primary force that keeps your home secure! 

Contact Us for a Free Inspection 

Foundation damage can be devastating if left unchecked. Remember, it always helps to call a professional and have your house surveyed for damage. At Mount Valley, our team is committed to keeping your home protected from foundation damage, and wall anchors are an invaluable tool for any homeowner. We’re proud to serve homeowners in Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, and Savannah. Learn more about foundation repair and schedule a free inspection by contacting us today! 

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