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Pier System

Each of our foundation pier systems are made of the highest-quality materials and custom-designed for installation by our team of highly qualified and experienced installation teams.

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If you begin to notice signs of foundation settlement in or around your home, Mount Valley Foundation Services is here to help. We have a variety of guaranteed foundation repair products to solve many foundation problems such as:

  • Horizontal or Vertical Foundation Cracks
  • Tilting Chimneys
  • Jamming Doors And Windows
  • Inward Leaning at the Wall’s Top
  • Cracking/Sinking Slab Floors

Each of our foundation pier systems are made of the highest-quality materials and custom-designed for installation by our team of highly qualified and experienced installation teams.

Our warranted foundation pier system can solve your foundation issues! Call us for a free foundation pier system quote today!

We serve Columbia, Spartanburg, Augusta, Greenville, Charlotte, and many nearby areas in Charleston, Columbia, Florence, Myrtle Beach, throughout South Carolina or over the state lines.

Warranted, Professionally Installed Foundation Piers

Our foundation piers have been engineered to be installed with minimal disturbance to your home and landscaping.

Using galvanized steel, our products are designed to last the test of time. Mount Valley Foundation Services stands behind each and every pier we install. We offer a lifetime, transferable warranty on all of your pier installations.

Foundation Piering Products

Foundation Push Pier Systems

Our galvanized steel piers are made of high-quality steel that is meant to be rust resistant and last for the life of your home.

If the soil conditions beneath your home are unknown, steel push piers are the best solution to ensure stabilization. Push piers provide permanent stabilization and can be adjusted if need arises.

Advantages Of Push Piers:

  • Best opportunity to lift home to original position
  • Minimal disturbance to your home and yard during installation
  • Fast, Efficient Installation
  • Piers can reach greater depths than other systems

Foundation Helical Pier System

Helical piers are so named because of the helical discs that are welded to the shaft of the pier. These plates drill into the earth and help anchor the pier so it can provide support for the structure.

Helical piers are versatile and can be used to support structures that have become weakened by ongoing or more extensive damage. Helical piers can also be used on older homes where the footing of the foundation is weak or nonexistent.

Advantages Of Helical Piers:

  • Year-round installation
  • Fast, effective installation
  • Used to stabilize lighter structures
  • Can help lift foundations back to original level
  • Lifetime, transferable warranty

Slab Pier Systems

Homes built on slab foundations can see signs of settlement not only on the perimeter of the home, but also in the interior slab areas. If sinking occurs in an interior slab location, slab piers can be used to repair the foundation damage. Slab piers are push piers designed specifically to be used to support or raise settled slabs. These piers are driven into the soil in the settled area, deep enough to connect the slab to stable, load-bearing soil or bedrock.

A special bracket is used to lift the slab from beneath. Pressure can be applied to lift the slab back to its original level.

Advantages Of Slab Piers:

  • Can extend to great depths to contact stable soil or bedrock
  • Non-destructive repair requiring minimal disruption
  • Completely hidden after installation holes are filled
  • Can help lift and stabilize a settled slab

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