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Foundation Repair Problem Signs

No homeowner deserves to suffer from the negative effects of foundation damage. We’re here to inform you about foundation warning signs, so you can be as prepared as possible.

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Most people may not be aware that foundation damage is occurring until it’s too late. That’s because foundation damage signs can sometimes appear insignificant or seemingly caused by something else. Not to mention, foundation damage can affect any home regardless of age, size, and location. If you want to keep your home well-defended, understanding foundation repair problem signs is your best bet.  

Common Foundation Problem Signs

While foundation problem signs might fly under the radar to the unsuspecting eye, there are actually a handful of common symptoms you can easily identify. In this next section, we’ll outline the ones most people run into.  

diagonal drywall crack

Wall Cracks

Since the structural integrity of your home relies in part on the foundation, any foundation damage is going to cause the walls to shift. When this happens, cracks form both inside and outside your home. Indoor cracks most often appear above door frames, usually shooting out from the corners. These sections of the wall tend to be a little weaker than others. Look for jagged cracks that travel up to the ceiling.  

Outdoor cracks can vary depending on the material your home is made of. However, the easiest one to identify is stair-step cracking. This type of cracking occurs in buildings made of brick or other masonry, as the mortar between the blocks may separate and cause a stair-step-like pattern to form in the cracked wall. Whether the cracks are inside or outside, you’re likely dealing with foundation damage. 

sinking house

Sinking & Settlement

Your foundation depends on the soil to stay supported on the ground. If the soil becomes weak for any reason, your foundation will inevitably sink into it. Soil becomes weak through erosion, drought, or poor compaction. No matter the cause, they all lead to the same result – a sinking foundation. If any part of your foundation is partially below the ground, settlement has taken place. You may also experience uneven floors in your home as the foundation becomes tilted or cracked due to settlement.

sticking door

Stuck Doors & Windows

Foundation damage can also cause window and door frames to become crooked. When this happens, windows and doors may offer resistance when being opened, or simply may not open at all. If your doors are dragging against the floor, or your windows won’t move, foundation damage may be to blame. Make sure to check your door frames as well. Any gaps between the door and the frame may also indicate foundation damage.

chimney separating

Tilting Chimney

Often, a chimney is built separately from the home. If your home experiences any sort of shifting due to foundation damage, a gap may form between the chimney and your exterior wall. Not only does this turn into an eyesore, but it also becomes a safety hazard if the chimney falls down. Even the slightest tilt to your chimney can be a sign of foundation repair.  

Stay Vigilant and Call an Expert. Mount Valley Foundation Services Can Help! 

If you’ve identified any signs of foundation damage around your property, don’t wait until it gets worse. Our team of professionals has the tools and solutions to keep your home safe from foundation damage permanently. We’re proud to serve homeowners in Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, and Savannah. Learn more about foundation repair and schedule a free inspection by contacting us today! 

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