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Rotting Wood

Know the signs that your crawl space has too much moisture, like mold and musty smells, so you can keep your crawl space dry and free of wood rot.

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Wooden structural supports are beneficial in even modern homes. Unfortunately, despite their versatility, if you don’t keep an eye on your home’s general stability, these supports can quickly succumb to water damage and rot. Mount Valley Foundation Services is great when it comes to handling rooting wood and maintaining the wooden structure of your crawl space.  

Different Rotting Wood Problem Signs  

Crawl space mold on support beam

Moldy or Rotting Surfaces

If you have a water problem in your crawl space, like too much moisture or excess humidity, mold and mildew are very likely to grow in the space as well. Mold likes damp, dark places, so your home’s crawl space is a great place for it to grow and thrive. Mold is present in the air in tiny forms, but when it grows in one place, it causes significant problems. Mold can be identified by its dark green or black spots and an increase in asthma and allergy symptoms in people.

High Humidity

If you notice that there is more humidity in your crawl space or even in your living area, you may have rotting wood as well. If you change the temperature more often and see condensation, you probably have a water problem in your crawl space, leading to rot.  If you see water pooling around your home’s foundation or water droplets forming around your home or in your crawl space, the standing water in your crawl space could be to blame. Standing water needs to be fixed as soon as possible because it can lead to more problems than just excess humidity.

mold in crawl space

Musty Odors

There is a smell that comes with mold and mildew. These musty odors will quickly spread from your crawl space to the rest of your home. This makes your house smell bad, which can be embarrassing when people come over. If you smell something musty but can’t figure out where it’s coming from, it could be your crawl space. Pooling water not only causes mold to grow, but it also gives off a smelly smell that will spread through your home. If you shine a light into your crawl space (we don’t recommend going in) and smell something musty, it’s likely that your crawl space needs repairs and mold removal from a specialist.


It’s not hard to keep wood damage from happening to your crawl space. There are different ways to secure wooden structures, as long as you don’t mind having the work done. 

When you waterproof your home, you limit how much damage water pressure can do to your home’s structure. Vapor barriers, for example, are thick enough to keep moisture out of your crawl space, while dehumidifiers actively pull moisture out of the air. 

Homeowners don’t always think about the care their basement, foundation, or crawl space might need. If you want to make sure your home doesn’t get wood damage, you might want to check in with experts in your area once a year. 

Yes, it’s always a good idea to waterproof your whole house. When you take steps to waterproof your home, you try to keep your wooden supports from coming into contact with the water pressure that could cause them to split. 

Interior drainage, sump pumps, and crawl space dehumidifiers are all great ways to stop excess moisture, which can lead to wood rot, mold, and other problems. 

Keep in mind that there are other ways to keep water out. You can talk to people who know the area to find out which of those are best for your home, fit your budget, and might meet your needs. 

Sometimes, you will be able to fix or support wooden parts of your home that have been damaged by water or cracks. However, there will be times when it is better to replace rotting wood than to fix it. 

You won’t be able to take out the rotting supports and replace them with newer, stronger wood until all the problems with your foundation, basement, or crawl space have been fixed. Keep in mind that you might also be able to switch out your wooden supports for something else. If you choose to have the wood in your crawl space replace, it is best to contact a professional that specializes in rotten wood replacement. 

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We at Mount Valley Foundation Services work in places like Charleston, Columbia, and Savannah that have a lot of humidity. Along with the weather, we know a lot about the different clay, silty-clay, and loam soils that cover North and South Carolina, as well as Georgia. If you think your home has problems with wood rot, get in touch with us! We offer free inspections to homeowners with no strings attached, so you can be sure that there is a problem that needs to be fixed. With a 2020 Angi Super Service Award and an Elite Service award from Home Advisor, you can trust our expertise. We never quit a job, so you can be sure that your problem will be fixed right the first time. 

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