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Pests in Crawl Space

Animals are always looking for a viable shelter to protect them from the elements and an unprotected crawl space has the perfect conditions. Unfortunately, animals can bring waste, disease, and unpleasant odors into your crawl space as well.

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In many ways, your crawl space functions much like a cave – dark, damp, and covered. For this reason, many pests are attracted to this area resting just below your floor. However, pests often bring waste, carcasses, and disease to your crawl space as well, which travels into your home. While this may seem unnerving, solutions exist, and our expert team can evaluate your crawl space for free to determine the best course of action! 

What Causes Pests in Your Crawl Space? 

Since standard crawl spaces are often humid and easily accessible, they become attractive shelters for wild animals and bugs. Let’s look at how an unprotected crawl space causes pests in the first place.  

Open Crawl Space Vents

One way that pests can get into your crawl space is through open crawl space vents. Most crawl spaces were built with open vents that run along the foundation walls. Unfortunately, these vents sit close to the ground, which allows all types of animals to scurry into your crawl space. Pests might go through open crawl space vents for any number of reasons including to find shelter during a storm, look for a place to sleep for the night, or set up a permanent nest below your home. In addition, pests that travel through open vents run the risk of damaging insulation, electric wiring, or plumbing as they come and go.

condensation in crawl space

High Humidity

Unprotected crawl spaces tend to be humid places, which attracts a variety of pests ranging from rodents to insects. Many species thrive best in moist and dark conditions, so your crawl space becomes the perfect breeding ground for them. High humidity can arise in your crawl space as a result of groundwater that seeps below your home and open crawl space vents. Thankfully, our team has plenty of tools to help you deal with humidity in your crawl space and make your crawl space less attractive to pests.  

Water in crawl space

Standing Water

Sometimes, water can pool inside your crawl space if it is exposed to an excess of moisture. If a puddle forms below your home, it might also draw pests to your crawl space. Not only can some species use water to lay their eggs but standing water might also become a hydration source for certain animals. Plus, standing water can lead to many other issues such as mold growth and wood rot, both of which can damage your crawl space. No matter how standing water forms below your home, it never ends well in the long run.  


Our team offers plenty of solutions that deter pests from entering your crawl space. Keep in mind that our solutions are not pest control substitutes. You should always contact a pest control expert to stop pests completely. However, our solutions make your crawl space much less attractive to animals by removing moisture and mitigating access points. You might consider crawl space encapsulation, using a dehumidifier, installing crawl space vent covers, and using a sump pump to discourage pests and protect your crawl space. Each solution offers long term benefits beyond dissuading pests such protection from wood rot and healthier air in your home.  

Water can enter a crawl space through a multitude of channels. The most typical way is through foundation wall cracks. Water can also enter via poorly sealed crawl space vents. Furthermore, because crawl spaces are frequently located at ground level, they are vulnerable to flooding after severe rains. When water enters the crawl space, it can cause a variety of issues. It can cause mold and mildew development, which can harm your home’s structure and provide a health danger to the residents. Water may also cause wood rot and insulation to degrade, which affects the structural integrity of your home. 

A vapor barrier, vent covers, dehumidifiers, and interior drainage systems are the four essential elements that aid in waterproofing your crawl space. Having all four of these systems working together can guarantee that your crawl space will never experience moisture problems again. Both the internal drainage system and the sump pump will work together to prevent any leaks or floods from entering this space by diverting the water far away from your house. The vapor barrier will cover the entirety of the crawl area, ensuring that no groundwater, mold, mildew, or pests are able to enter easily. 

Mount Valley Foundation Services Can Help With Your Crawl Space Issues! 

Nobody likes to deal with pests in their home. They’re a health risk, and often hard to control. Dealing with pests in your crawl space is even harder. Let our team protect your crawl space with our various solutions so you don’t have to worry about unhealthy air or unpleasant odors any longer. 

Waterproofing your crawl space is the first step in controlling pests. Contact us today so we can help protect your Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, or Savannah home. You don’t have to let crawl space problems creep up on you, stay prepared with any of our crawl space solutions! 

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