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Sidewalk Lifting

Uneven and crumbling sidewalks are a safety hazard. Learn more about how concrete lifting can fix damaged and deteriorating sidewalks on your property.

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A broken or uneven concrete sidewalk is more than a nuisance. It can also be a dangerous tripping hazard for anyone walking over it. It will take a significant amount of time and money to replace a complete sidewalk. At Mount Valley Foundation Services, we offer an innovative concrete lifting solution called PolyRenewal™ that will fix your damaged sidewalk. You can trust we have the skills for effective sidewalk lifting.

How Our PolyRenewal™ Lifting Solution Works

Our team of experts is necessary when using our polyurethane foam. It is an innovative foam that requires a very specific process that our team at Mount Valley Foundation Services is trained for. Here’s what you can expect if our technician recommends lifting your sidewalk with PolyRenewal™: 

installing PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting
  1. First, penny-sized holes are drilled into the surface of the concrete. 
  1. Then, injection ports are added. 
  1. The polyurethane foam is mixed a placed into the concrete with equipment specifically designed for the process.  
  1. It cures within 15 minutes, expanding and filling cracks and voids during that time. 
  1. The injection ports are removed, and the holes are filled and sealed until they’re smooth. 

Why Our Polyurethane Foam is a Better Repair Solution

  • Quick Curing: Our PolyRenewal™ solution cures entirely in 15 minutes, allowing you to walk on your repaired sidewalk practically instantly.  
  • Lightweight: The polyurethane foam is very lightweight; it is perfect for areas – such as the Carolinas – where the soil is much more fragile than other soils. The foam will not put any type of stress on the soil your concrete rests on. 
  • Resistant to water: Our PolyRenewal™ foam resists moisture and water. More importantly, it will not leak harmful chemicals into the area. 

Signs Your Home Needs PolyRenewal™ 

cracking, uneven sidewalk concrete

Cracked Sidewalk

If you notice that your home’s sidewalk is becoming riddled with cracks, then it might be time to have your concrete lifted using PolyRenewal™ foam. Cracks in your concrete should be repaired promptly, as they can cause leaks or standing water in certain parts of your property.

uneven concrete

Uneven Concrete Slabs

Another sign that polyurethane foam is for you is if you notice that your sidewalk slabs are uneven. Not only are uneven concrete slabs unsightly, but they are also a tripping hazard that can lead to dangerous accidents and injuries. Polyurethane foam can help make concrete slabs even again.

Cracked, Sunken Sidewalk

Sinking Concrete Slabs

If you find that your sidewalk slabs are sinking, that could be another sign that you need to hire us to inject PolyRenewal™ foam into your home’s sidewalk. Sinking concrete slabs are an ugly sight and can easily be covered with soil washout or mud. Polyurethane foam can easily lift your concrete.


Yes, we do not ever recommend attempting to lift your concrete on your own. At Mount Valley Foundation Services, our technicians are trained to use our equipment, as well as how to mix and inject polyurethane foam.  

Cracked and sinking sidewalk slabs are only one example of what might go wrong in a home. It’s critical to address these difficulties while they’re still minor, as they could indicate something far more serious, leading to foundation and water damage. 

Because the polyurethane foam is constructed of environmentally acceptable components, you won’t have to worry about it harming your lawn or the soil around it. Your concrete sidewalk will be permanently elevated and smoothed out thanks to this absolutely safe solution. Feel safe, knowing that this product will not cause you any harm. 

Call Us For A Free Inspection 

At Mount Valley Foundation Services, we deal with a lot of unstable soil and concrete problems in Charleston, Columbia, and Savannah. There are three types of soil in these locations: silty clays, clays, and loams. Please contact us if you suspect your home has problematic sidewalk slabs. Our no-cost, no-obligation inspections can help homeowners determine if there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Because of Angi’s Super Service Award and Home Advisor’s Elite Service Award, you can have faith in our talents. We never leave a project unfinished, so you can rest assured that your issue will be resolved the first time, so you can enjoy your repaired sidewalk for years to come. Don’t wait to fix your sidewalk, as the problem could get much worse and end up costing much more money. 

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