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Don't let cracked or uneven concrete ruin your home's structure or aesthetic value. Let us lift your damaged concrete with PolyRenewal.

As time goes on, the concrete structures around your home are prone to sinking, causing the slab to become uneven. Unstable concrete doesn’t only present a tripping hazard, it can also be unsightly and lower the value of your home. If your concrete continues to sink and is left unrepaired, it can weaken your entire foundation and damage your property. Luckily, this problem can be easily remedied with professional concrete lifting. Here we discuss our most-effective solution as well as some of the most common concrete repairs. 

Our Superior Solution – PolyRenewalTM Foam Injections 

Although alternative concrete lifting methods exist on the market, none are more efficient and cost-efficient than polyurethane foam injections. Our specially designed expanding foam is lightweight, environmentally friendly, and easy to work with. The process is simple and only requires drilling penny-sized holes in the concrete, injecting the foam into the cavities, and patching the concrete to give it an even finish. The cure time is relatively quick, and in roughly 15 minutes, you’re able to freely use your concrete once more!  

Common Concrete Repairs  

Even though concrete is built to be strong and durable, it’s still susceptible to cracking and breaking due to the soil underneath. Here are some of the most common concrete repairs we fix around homes.  

  • Concrete Floor Repair 

If you have concrete floors around your home, chances are you may end up dealing with sinking concrete at some point. Unfortunately, this is an issue that is common and hard to avoid, especially with outdoor concrete or basement floors. Ensuring that these get repaired as soon as possible is key to preventing any future damage to your foundation. 

  • Concrete Foundation Repair 

For the most part, all homes are constructed with a concrete foundation. This is usually because they are easy to maintain, durable, and water-resistant. However, since it is built from concrete, there can be faults if water is able to get to it. Concrete is a porous material, and an excess of water can cause cracks, a lack of stability, and in the worst case, bowing walls. Since your foundation is responsible for the structural stability of your entire home, it is important to make sure it is always in tip-top shape.  

  • Concrete Garage Floor Repair  

Almost all garages have concrete floors in them as there is no true reason to finish them, other than for aesthetic purposes. The concrete in your garage is responsible for holding a lot of weight such as vehicles, lawnmowers, bikes, and other things. This added weight can cause concrete to sink over time, especially if the soil underneath isn’t properly compacted.  

  • Concrete Patio Repair 

Patios are another common area that concrete is found and is also susceptible to the most problems. Since they are located outside, they usually face a lot of damage from the elements such as rain and snow. Patios are also connected to your home which pulls a lot of weight. With these factors combined, it’s likely that your patio will need some sort of concrete lifting and stabilization as time passes.  

  • Concrete Pool Deck Repair 

Another common area for concrete damage is around your pool deck. Not only are they constantly exposed to the elements, but they’re also left to the pressure of the water in your pool. This means that your pool deck is also able to get damaged due to hydrostatic pressure, which leads to cracking and sinking. It is important to get some level of waterproofing done to your pool deck to avoid these issues.  

  • Concrete Sidewalk Repair 

As you may know, or have already witnessed, sidewalks are extremely prone to concrete issues. Since sidewalks are usually made up of individual slabs that lay next to each other, they’re more likely to crack and break. They can also sink and shift due to the soil underneath which can create dangerous tripping hazards. Fortunately, concrete sidewalk repairs are some of the easiest as they usually just need to be lifted back into place. 

  • Concrete Step Repair 

If you have a garage or patio, it’s likely that the steps leading up to your home are made from concrete. One of the biggest issues those steps will face is sinking and settlement. If the soil underneath your steps wasn’t compacted properly, you may experience it sinking, which can lead to cracking and moving around. To make sure this doesn’t happen, it’s important to address the state of the soil before stabilizing the concrete.  

  • Driveway Lifting  

Driveways are usually made up of 2 or more concrete slabs in conjunction with one another. Since they are always exposed to the elements and the weight of your vehicles, they are prone to damage. It is important to make sure there are no wide cracks or unevenness in your driveway as it can cause damage to your car and create tripping hazards for your family. 

Choose the Team at Mount Valley Foundation Services For Your Concrete Lifting Repairs  

If you’ve noticed cracking, sinking, settlement, or unevenness in the concrete structures around your home, it’s time for concrete lifting repairs. The team here at Mount Valley Foundation Services has the experience and knowledge to repair any damage that your concrete is experiencing. With our proven PolyRenewalTM foam injections we’re able to lift and stabilize almost all concrete structures.  

Call us today to set up your free inspection and written estimate of our suggested repairs!   

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