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Cracking, Uneven Pool Deck

Homeowners love their pool areas and would prefer they don’t cause serious injury. If you’ve noticed cracks in your pool area, concrete lifting can make it safer.

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Pool decks can be a relaxing area for families to relax and enjoy quality time around their swimming pool. However, if this area is becoming uneven or cracked due to faulty soil, it can quickly turn into an unsafe area of the home. Understanding how this issue arises is the first step in preventing it, and Mount Valley has the concrete solutions to remedy the problem. Here’s what you need to know about your uneven pool deck. 

What Causes a Cracked Pool Deck? 

Generally, a cracked and uneven pool deck is caused by many of the same issues that cause damage to concrete surfaces around other areas of your property. Most of the time, this has to do with soil problems below the pool deck. 

heavy rain and outside flooding

Soil Washout

Soil washout refers to when the soil below your concrete pool deck erodes due to excessive exposure to moisture. The soil below your pool deck is especially at risk for this particular issue because of splashing water that may seep into cracks and permeate the soil underneath. As the soil is flooded with water, it becomes soft and muddy. Since your pool deck is made with heavy concrete, the soil won’t be able to support its weight very well and your pool deck will inevitably sink into the soil. Plus, if your pool deck is not covered, rain and other forms of precipitation may exasperate the problem even more. 

hydrostatic pressure diagram

Hydrostatic Pressure 

Another issue that can arise due to the nature of your pool is hydrostatic pressure. Essentially, this principle refers to the growing amount of pressure that water exerts as it travels deeper below the surface. You know how the pressure seems to grow in your ears as you dive deeper into your pool? That’s the same thing, and it can also cause soil to push against your pool deck. If water is able to penetrate the soil below your pool deck, hydrostatic pressure can rise and press on the concrete. Over time, it will cause sections of the pool deck to crack or become uneven. 

Poor Compaction

Soil depends on proper compaction in order to stay dense and strong. Healthy soil should be packed together tightly enough to support the weight of structures on top of it. Sometimes, the construction of a home or pool deck requires contractors to fill in the new plot of land with outside soil (also known as fill soil). Contractors must manually press together this fill soil in order for it to provide a sturdy base for your foundation and pool deck. Unfortunately, this process doesn’t always go to plan, and compaction isn’t tight enough. This allows small pockets of air to open up within the soil, eventually causing it to collapse and damage your pool deck. 


First of all, a cracked pool deck becomes a tripping hazard for anyone living in your home – especially children. No one wants to risk their children getting injured, especially if they fall into the water with a serious injury preventing them from being able to swim. On top of physical injuries, a cracked pool deck can lower the value of your home and make it much harder to sell. Without the proper repairs, your home becomes unattractive to other looking around the market for a new home. Overall, it will always benefit you to repair your cracked, uneven pool deck. 

We don’t recommend trying to fix your pool deck with DIY resurfacing options. Even the handiest of homeowners run the risk of causing more damage to their pool deck because of the heavy nature of concrete. For one thing, fixing cracks with store-bought solutions like grout or sealer tend to provide a cosmetic solution only. While filling in cracked concrete on your pool deck certainly looks better, you aren’t solving the real problem that caused them in the first place – soil issues. Only professional solutions can remedy the soil below your pool deck and prevent cracked sections from arising again in the future. 

Essentially, it has to do with the weight of concrete. If soil becomes damaged in any way, it most likely will be unable to support the weight of your pool deck or other structures such as a concrete patio or concrete slab. Plus, pool decks tend to have extra weight on them including people, furniture, screens, and the water in the pool itself. All of these factors can contribute to cracked, uneven sections of your pool deck, especially when soil problems are present in the soil beneath it.  

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Don’t let quality time get interrupted by cracked, uneven surfaces around your pool. You bought a home with a pool for a reason, and you deserve to make the most of it. Mount Valley can fix any pool for homeowners in Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, and Savannah. When you give us a call, one of our local specialists will be ready to come to your home for a free inspection and identify any issues your pool deck might be facing. Get back to relaxing with the people you love and contact us today for concrete repair or foundation repair solutions! 

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