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Leaky Basement

Wet and leaking basement walls can be a sign of water outside seeping into your home.

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When your basement is leaking, you must address the problem immediately. This indicates water from the outside is seeping into your home. If left unaddressed for too long, you could wind up with a flooded basement and some major foundation problems if your basement walls are weakened by the constant presence of moisture.

When cracks begin to form, which can lead to your basement wall caving in, serious problems loom as a possibility until you let the certified professionals from Mount Valley Foundation Services provide the solution.

Why Are My Basement Walls Leaking?

There are many reasons why your basement may be leaking. One of the most common is water collecting against your home’s foundation. This is a very dangerous scenario. If enough water builds up, cracks will form in your basement walls and allow water to seep into your basement, causing leaks and possible flooding.

Another source of your basement leak could be water flowing from an underground water source, creating the same issues as water collecting against your foundation. No matter the cause, when you find that your basement walls are leaking water, you need to call a basement waterproofing expert to help you with this problem.

How to Stop Leaky Basements

To stop leaky basements, and to prevent further damage, one of the best solutions is to waterproof the area. If the leak is caused by a structural issue, our foundation repair experts can suggest foundation solutions to remedy the problem. We can also fortify your basement walls prior to waterproofing to help create a more solid barrier against water seepage.

Trust our Basement Waterproofing Experts

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Trust our Basement Waterproofing Experts

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