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Leaking Basement Windows & Window Wells 

Leaking basement windows can lead to significant problems such as mold growth in your home. Get ahead of these issues and learn what to watch out for with the help of local professionals.


If your basement windows begin to leak water into the interior walls or floors, this can be a serious problem. Left unaddressed, this moisture intrusion in your basement can lead to mold growth and structural damage that can become destructive over time. Learn more about what can be behind this cause of basement damage, what warning signs to keep an eye on, and how area professionals can help.

Why Basement Windows and Window Wells Leak

Below-grade basement windows and window wells help bring natural light into your basement and can serve as an emergency exit. But they are subject to damage and leaks. Here are some of the most common reasons behind basement window and window well leaks. 

Basement Window Well Clogs

Window wells with gravel or rock placed in the bottom are most typically used to prevent water from stacking up and spilling into the basement. Rather than pushing on the window, this rock allows the water to sink into the earth. If the window well drains clogs, you may have a problem. If debris falls into the window well, it can pile at the bottom, making it more difficult for water to sink into the gravel. It accumulates rather than empties. This clog can quickly grow to the point where water is pressing against your glass. It’s usually just a matter of time until it begins to pour in through the window in some way or another. 

heavy rain and outside flooding

Heavy Rain, Storms, and Flooding 

Even if the window well gravel and drainage are performing as they should, excessive rain and flooding might still cause problems. Heavy rain is difficult for the ground to absorb, which is why when there is a lot of rain all at once, especially after a drought, you may suffer flooding on the outside. When you have a window well, this intense rain creates a huge problem. That window well welcomes in water, especially if you don’t have a window well cover or have a low-quality cover. It can easily mount up. 

Window Deterioration 

Old-fashioned windows were designed with low-quality steel or wooden frames, neither of which are weather-resistant. Over time, moisture, sunlight, and changes between indoor and outdoor temperatures can damage these inferior window frames. Within only a few years of investing in low-cost window frames, they can become damaged and begin leaking water. Check for signs of window deterioration often, including corrosion, rust, discoloration, and difficulty opening or closing them. 

The Risks of Leaking Basement Windows and Window Wells

If your basement window and window wells are leaking, they can cause several unhealthy and unsightly problems in your basement. Keep an eye out for the following:

Window Condensation


Basements are typically below-grade and naturally cool and damp. When water leaks inside, this helps increase humidity. Condensation will begin to form as humidity begins to rise. Look for dew on the window’s glass, which can eventually run and leak around the base of the window. Also, look for damp spots or pooled water.  

moldy walls


If you have a leak in your basement, an increase in moisture can form the perfect conditions for mold growth. The amount of mold in your basement directly correlates to the amount of time that water has been leaking, as well as how much moisture is entering your basement. Look for the top signs of mold, including bad odor and discoloration. Mold usually appears as black, brown, green, pink, or gray spots. 

Pest Problems

Nearly all pests depend on a consistent source of moisture for survival. If you notice an uptick in household pests, including cockroaches, silverfish, centipedes, and mice, you just might have the perfect environment for them in your basement, which naturally includes water. Your basement window may be the culprit. If you notice pests in combination with other problem signs, you likely have advanced water leak damage in your basement. 


South Carolina and Georgia are no strangers to wet weather with flooding events. If there is too much water and a basement window well’s drainage is clogged or faulty, the water will begin pushing against the window and wall until it finds its way inside.  

Something that is most likely to damage your property is perimeter saturation. Investing in good-quality drainage systems is important, as is maintaining other systems. Keeping your roof gutters and downspouts clear of debris (and oriented toward the street) can reduce the amount of water gathering around your home significantly. Having a window well cover and properly functioning window well drain are also essential. 

Practicing regular maintenance goes a long way. But for even more protection, Mount Valley Foundation Services offers basement waterproofing solutions including interior drainage, sump pumps, vapor barriers, and dehumidifiers – all of which help keep basements safe and dry. Even if your basement windows start to leak, these measures can help protect your basement and its foundation, so you avoid stress and save money. 

Kick Damage from Leaking Windows to The Curb. Mount Valley Has Premium Protection for Your Basement.

Leaky basement windows can be a huge nuisance. Left unattended, this problem can go from bad to worse, and so can the repair costs! The good news is you can contact Mount Valley Foundation Services for a free inspection. Our team can identify the problem, and what’s causing basement woes, and intervene with the best solutions – it’s what your home deserves. 

Call us for a free inspection and a quote; there’s no obligation to buy any of our services. You can also call us at any time to gauge your basement’s waterproofing measures and to determine your risk for advanced basement problems, including leaks and concrete foundation cracks. We proudly serve homes throughout Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, Savannah, and nearby. 

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