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Water in your basement can be due to a few natural occurrences, here are some of the most common ways it gets into yours.

Basements can be a great addition to a home and even increase its value, but if not properly waterproofed they can turn into a disaster. Maintaining the health and safety of this area is critical for both your home’s structural stability and your family’s health. When water infiltrates your basement, it can lead to issues such as mold and mildew growth, foundation damage, and elevated humidity in your home. Here we discuss some of the most common causes of basement water damage.  

Causes of Basement Water Problems  

If you’ve ever dealt with basement water problems, chances are it’s been an unpleasant experience. No one likes dealing with water infiltrating any part of their home as it is frustrating and usually costly. This is what you need to know about the roots of basement water and how to properly combat it.  

  • Soil Settlement 

It is natural for the soil surrounding your home to have some amount of water in it. Unfortunately, not all soils are the same in South and North Carolina and some are more likely to hold more water than others. When the ground becomes overly saturated, it can cause what’s known as hydrostatic pressure to build up and cause damage to your basement.  

Since your basement is likely made from concrete, the water in the soil can push its way through the pores within the concrete and make its way into your home. In severe cases, this can cause your basement walls to bow inwards, which can start to crack and eventually collapse.  

  • Basement Wall Cracks 

If you go down to your basement and notice cracks in your walls, it means that your home is experiencing severe structural damage that needs to be addressed. This also gives easy access to water, leading to a variety of basement water problems. 

These cracks can also let in unwanted pests that are likely to cause even more damage to your home. It is especially important to make sure these cracks are inspected and repaired before the damage results in structural failure. 

  • Clogged Footing Drains  

If your home was built with a basement, chances are footing drains were installed. These drains span the perimeter of your basement and help remove water that would otherwise accumulate. However, there’s a strong chance that they may be clogged with debris if you notice pooling water around the floor cove.  

If this is the case, these drains need to be cleared of debris and inspected to make sure that they aren’t suffering from any damage or leaks.  

What Issues These Problems Cause 

Unfortunately, many homeowners choose to ignore their basement water problems as they believe the rest of their home is protected. However, choosing to let these problems go can have large impacts on the rest of your home and the environment in which you live in.  

  • Foundation Damage 

For the most part, basement water problems and foundation damage almost always go hand in hand. This is because of the direct connection that your basement has to your foundation. If your basement has moisture problems, there’s a strong likelihood that your foundation will be impacted structurally due to the secondary problems water brings.  

Although it is imperative to have your basement inspected and repaired as soon as possible, your foundation is your biggest concern. Your foundation is the root of your home and is responsible for keeping your walls and flooring in proper working order. 

  • Home Structural Concerns 

If your foundation is experiencing issues due to basement water damage, you can be certain that the rest of your home’s structure is impacted. If you’ve noticed problems like your windows and doors sticking, uneven or sloping floors, or bowing walls, you could be dealing with basement-related problems. 

The best way to think of the correlation between your basement and your foundation is to think of your home as a puzzle. If one piece is missing, that puzzle becomes out of alignment. Therefore, it is important to make sure both your foundation and basement are always structurally sound. 

  • Health Risks 

One of the biggest things that are overlooked when it comes to basement water problems is the health risks that come from having moisture in your basement. Because your basement lies directly beneath your home, it also shares a lot of the same air in your home. Due to the stack effect, this air which is filled with toxins can circulate through your entire home, causing asthma and allergies.  

If you are experiencing high humidity in your home because of water damage in your basement, chances are there is also elevated dust, mold, and mildew in the air. This is especially bad for people who already suffer from health problems.  

Let The Team At Mount Valley Foundation Services Help Waterproof Your Basement  

If you’re dealing with structural damage or health concerns due to water in your basement, it’s time for repairs and waterproofing solutions. Since we are 100% committed to the health and safety of your home, we only install the best, proven, warrantied products that effectively work to keep your basement dry.  

Trust the experts at Mount Valley Foundation Services to get your basement clean and dry once more and protected for years to come. Call us today to set up a free inspection and written estimate of our repairs.  

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