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Basement Waterproofing in Savannah, GA

Moisture is one of the biggest threats to your basement, as it can cause all kinds of problems. Since Savannah experiences high amounts of rain and humidity throughout the year, basement waterproofing is important for any homeowner in the area.

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Basement Waterproofing in Savannah

Your basement probably serves multiple important functions for your home including storage, extra living space, and structural support. For that reason, anything that causes damage to your basement is also going to damage your home in one way or another. Most often, moisture is the main culprit for basement damage, and residents of Savannah know that the area is no stranger to rain, humidity, and a high water table. Even the smallest leak can turn into a much larger problem for your entire home. All these factors put your basement at risk of damage! 

Thankfully, Mount Valley Foundation Services has the solutions required to keep your basement completely waterproof and protected from damage. Plus, basement waterproofing can save you money through decreased energy usage, protection from mold, and structural security. You can expect our team to install vapor barriers, drainage systems, sump pumps, and more solutions so that your basement stays dry year-round!  

Basement Problem Signs in Savannah

Moisture in your basement leads to all kinds of problems, most of which can take a toll on your health and the structural integrity of your home. Look out for mold, musty smells, efflorescence, leaks, condensation on walls and floors, and cracked walls. Over time, these issues can lead to major damages and will end up costing you a ton of money in the long run. Basement waterproofing prevents these issues from arising in the first place, even when a heavy storm passes through Savannah or the summer causes humidity levels to rise.  

moldy walls

Basement Mold

Mold develops when excess moisture is present in your basement. Moisture could lead to structural damage while mold simultaneously becomes a health risk.

window condensation


Humidity doesn’t belong in your basement, but when it gets in there, condensation can devastate walls and carpets. Plus, it indicates that a larger problem is occurring. 

wet basement walls damaged by water

Leaky Basement

Wet and leaking basement walls can be a sign of water outside seeping into your home.

Efflorescence on basement walls


Keep an eye out for a whitish powdery material. This chalky substance remains when water evaporates from your floor or walls.

Causes of Basement Damage in Savannah

Since basements sit below the ground, they are subjected to a few different phenomena that can cause damage – usually as a result of draining groundwater. As water seeps below the surface, it begins to exert more pressure onto the walls of your basement. This is known as hydrostatic pressure, and it causes basement walls to crack and leak water. This issue can be especially prevalent in Savannah due to the high water table and expansive clay soil. Clogged basement floor drains and leaky plumbing pipes may also be a source of water in your basement. If you notice water in your basement, identifying the source is the first step toward fixing it. 

bowing and cracking basement wall

Hydrostatic Pressure

As water travels further below the ground, it exerts more and more pressure. This can cause groundwater from nearly any source to push on your basement walls and cause cracking.

internal plumbing leak

Interior Basement Leaks

Interior basement leaks are frustrating issues that homeowners often contend with. But Mount Valley can help you take steps to keep your basement dry.

Clogged Footing Drains

As your home was being built, a footing drain was placed just next to the exterior foundation walls to help re-direct water. But this drain can clog and let water collect near the walls, just as with settling soils.  

faulty sump pump

Sump Pump Issues

While sump pumps are vital to basement and home health and safety, they can sustain damage and lead to other issues in your home. 

Basement Waterproofing Solutions in Savannah

Since our solutions focus on basement waterproofing, all of them are designed to keep water out of your basement permanently. We recommend using multiple solutions for the best results, including vapor barriers, internal drains, and dehumidifiers to prevent water from pooling in your basement. We also offer sump pumps to move water away from your basement completely. Our team is always happy to adjust for your individual needs as well – we’ll find a solution that works best for you and your Savannah home

Sump Pump

Water naturally gravitates toward the lowest point in your home and in most cases, your basement. To keep your basement dry and free from flooding, what you need is to install a sump pump.

Basement Solution install WallSeal

Basement Vapor Barriers

Vapor barriers can serve as both waterproofing measures and aesthetic boons in your new basement, so long as you maintain them with care.

Level and basementgutter

Drainage Systems

An interior French drain is typically installed along the perimeter of the basement walls and works by channeling water that gets into your basement to a sump a pump system that pumps the water out and away from the structure of your home.

Egress door

Egress Windows

Egress windows are useful when converting your basement into a den or bedroom. Find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of these windows.

Why Choose Mount Valley Foundation Services

At Mount Valley, we believe in fostering a relationship of integrity and hard work with our local customers. Thousands of positive reviews from homeowners across South Carolina and Georgia attest to our commitment to these values. Additionally, our A+ accredited business rating from the Better Business Bureau further proves that we’re dedicated to honest business practices. Even though Savannah is known for being humid, our basement waterproofing solutions will always rise to the challenge. Contact us for a free estimate if you’d like to enjoy the benefits of basement waterproofing! 

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