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Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation, Charleston, SC

Any crawl space in Charleston will inevitably face tons of moisture-related issues, but Mount Valley’s crawl space solutions can protect your home from damage.

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Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation in Charleston

As a homeowner in Charleston, you know that the area is no stranger to humidity and rain, but you may not realize how these common occurrences affect your crawl space. Most crawl spaces use wooden beams to support the floors of your home. When excess moisture infiltrates your crawl space, it can cause these beams to experience wood rot or mold – putting your entire home at risk. Additionally, moisture in your crawl space can lead to increased energy bills, damaged insulation, and pests.  

Despite these many problem signs, Mount Valley Foundation Services has the tools and expert knowledge to keep water out of your Charleston crawl space. Crawl space repair and encapsulation involves the installation of a dehumidifier, vapor barrier, support beams, sump pump, vent covers, and more to completely waterproof your crawl space. We’ve been helping homeowners in North Carolina and South Carolina keep their crawl spaces dry since 1986, and we’re ready to help you too! 

Crawl Space Problem Signs in Charleston

As mentioned, excess moisture in your crawl space leads to many problem signs below your home, especially during the rainy and humid summers in Charleston. Wood rot and mold can form on wooden beams which causes them to break down over time. As the wooden beams break down, your home may suffer from sagging floors. Mold spores may spread into your home, causing potential health problems and more mold growth. High moisture can also lead to increased energy bills as humidity travels from your crawl space and into your living area. Furthermore, the Charleston humidity attracts all kinds of pests – from insects to rodents.

pencil through wood in crawl space

Rotting Wood

Know the signs that your crawl space has too much moisture, like mold and musty smells, so you can keep your crawl space dry and free of wood rot.

condensation on crawl space joists

High Humidity

The presence of high humidity in a home indicates the presence of a wide range of more serious problems within the property. As a result, it’s an issue that you must not overlook!

mold in crawl space on wood

Crawl Space Mold

Learn about the causes of crawl space mold and how the experts at Mount Valley Foundation Services can help eliminate harmful mold from your home.

nasty, smelly crawl space

Musty Odors

If you have noticed musty odors coming from your crawl space, it could be due to a much bigger problem like mold growth and water damage.

Causes of Crawl Space Damage in Charleston

Obviously, moisture is the main cause of crawl space damage in Charleston, but how exactly does so much water get below your home? First, open crawl space vents allow humid air to easily penetrate the crawl space. Ineffective vapor barriers might also cause more damage if installed improperly. Another issue is over spanned floor joists that occasionally occur during construction. Essentially, these are beams that are built too far apart and are unable to support the weight of your home. Understanding these causes is the first step in repairing them!

bad, open crawl space vent

Open Crawl Space Vents

Mold, pests, and other problems are increasingly being discovered to thrive in open crawl spaces. You can improve the safety of your home by seeing and understanding the damage that your own vents produce.

over spanned, sagging floor joists

Over Spanned Floor Joists

If your home has a crawl space, the floors inside are being supported by floor joists. Anything that damages these integral structures is also going to damage your floors.

How Vapor Barriers help in Crawl Spaces

Bad Vapor Barrier

Vapor barriers protect crawl spaces by preventing moisture from entering. Here’s what to do if you find out your current barrier is damaged.

stack effect

The Stack Effect

Crawl spaces might be located below your home, but anything that affects your crawl space will also affect your living space. The stack effect is a prime example; learn more below.

Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation Solutions in Charleston

Crawl space repair and encapsulation keeps your crawl space dry and supported with many different tools. When used in tandem, these solutions offer the most efficient defense against excess moisture that any foundation company can offer. Keep moisture out with a vapor barrier and dehumidifier. After a heavy summer storm, move groundwater away from your crawl space with our internal drainage system and sump pumps. Keep your floor joists supported with our steel crawl space support beams. The best part is – all of our solutions are designed to provide a permanent fix for your crawl space! 

Dehumidifier in crawl space

Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

A dehumidifier is a system that can keep your crawl space dry. Since it’s designed to remove moisture that’s present in the air, your property is spared from encountering water damage all year round. However, you need to find the right dehumidifier that fits your crawl space and budget.

Try Under-The-House-Encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space encapsulation offers many benefits for your crawl space, including moisture protection, cleaner air, and extra protection from pests. Learn more about how this solution can positively impact your home.

crawl space drain

Crawl Space Drain

One of the best ways to minimize flooding and humidity in your home is to install a strong crawl space interior drainage system. Our team at Mount Valley Foundation Services can help.

Crawl space sump pump with open lid

Sump Pumps

A sump pump is a machine that draws water into its sump basin before draining it outside your home. It’s a fast and efficient system that eliminates floodwater from your basement, allowing your property to stay dry during any kind of weather.

Why Choose Mount Valley Foundation Services 

If you want to experience the benefits that come with crawl space repair and encapsulation, contact us for a free estimate. Mount Valley’s commitment to customer service and dependable repairs is shown in thousands of positive reviews from customers throughout North and South Carolina. Plus, with an A+ accredited business rating from the Better Business Bureau, you can trust that our team is devoted to integrity and excellence when we serve local homeowners in Charleston. Don’t let crawl space problems get worse. Take advantage of Mount Valley’s crawl space solutions today!

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