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Lane Widener

September 9, 2022

I was having a lot of issues with my home including health issues, I first notice a crack in the Sheetrock above the corner of a window, it just kept getting larger, I also seem to have a lot of moisture under the house that was causing the installation under the floor to fall and you could see mildew and mold growing on everything under there. My and I both could smell a musty smell when the AC came on, I’m allergic to about everything and for the past 3 years I have been having constant Sinus infections, I noticed that when we went on vacation My sinus would clear up but soon as I was back home the infections started back, thats when I searched the internet and found Mount Valley Foundation Service, They sent out John Penn, he went under the house for about an hour took pictures check structure and we sat down and looked it all over well not only did I have mildew and mold and moisture problems but look like in the winter snakes would hide out in the installation, he told me what options I had and we’ll I jumped on the chance to eliminate all these issues, John new his stuff and it showed, they sent a crew out to start the work, Damion and David really did a great job at getting that job done right, I could not be anymore happier right now, I could go under there with a sleeping bag and fell clean and safe. Thanks to all the guys who came out and did the work you said you would do. I’ll try and put a few before and after pics.

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