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Carrie Hill

June 21, 2022

Mount Valley encapsulated the crawl space under my home as well as installed permanent jacks, a couple on each beam to stabilize my home after it was identified that the foundation piers had settled which was impairing my floors. I am certain that David Grimm is the reason for my good impression and satisfaction with Mount Valley. David Grimm represented Mount Valley when he first came to assess my home. He was prompt, polite, thorough, and continued throughout the project to be available to address my concerns immediately. David helped answer questions I had for maintaining my home and reasoned finances with me toward my budget goals. 99% of my interaction with this company has been directly through the representative/liaison that I worked with from the beginning, the genuine care and commitment that was established continued beyond completion of the job. I’m very glad to have invested in the future of my home together with confidence in the work by Mount Valley.

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