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Hello Spring!

Make sure to spend time on your spring foundation list.

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Spring is approaching! The warm weather brings many tasks to complete before the warm weather arrives. While you begin to complete multiple spring checklists, make sure to spend time on your spring foundation list.

Landscape Sloping

Have you ever noticed the way the dirt slopes around your foundation? Make sure dirt slopes opposite from your foundation. By adding additional compacted dirt you will create a slope that helps lead water away from foundation. If your home has bushes or trees it’s important to clip the roots. Ideally, removing and replanting bushes a few feet away from foundation is best.

Leaking Plumbing

Do you have any leaking plumbing? Check to make sure there is no water outflows with your air conditioning units or plumbing pipes. Beneath your home, the pipes and fittings should be stable with no leaking. If have concerns, ask your local plumber to check that everything is working properly.

Gutter Cleanliness

Keep an eye on how clean your gutters are. Not many want to go through the hassle of cleaning their gutters, but it is necessary. To help, you can purchasing a gutter cap that mounts on the top of your gutters will lessen the amount of time it takes to clean.

All downspouts should be joined to gutters and face the opposite way of the foundation in order to properly dump additional water 5-6 feet away from the home.

Additional Information

Make sure your crawl space is sealed. Note that this is not a DIY type of project, but can be done by the help of experts. There are beginning installations you can make to ensure that your crawl space is sealed. Purchasing proper crawl space doors, thick vapor barriers, a dehumidifier, and tight vent covers are a few products that could help keep your foundation healthy.

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