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4 Smart Holiday Decoration Storage Tips for Your Basement

While the basement provides ample space for storing holiday decorations, it can ruin your items if it’s wet and mold ridden.

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There’s nothing worse than unpacking your holiday decorations only to find complete chaos. Broken Christmas bulbs and ornaments, chipped ceramic figures, and moldy vintage tree toppers. All these can quickly dampen your holiday mood.  Unfortunately, it’s a script that plays out thanks to basement dampness. 

Because the basement lies below the grade, it’s prone to moisture and water issues such as standing water, condensation, water seepage, and mold. Add to this the cavalry or rodents and pests and you could be staring at a grim holiday. As well as damaging your basement, all these hazards can ruin your holiday decor and family heirlooms. You must address cracks and excess moisture promptly by waterproofing the basement of your Columbia, SC, home. This way, your decoration items will stay dry and healthy. 

waterproofing for storage

Basement Waterproofing 

You probably know that moisture, water, and outside air are bad for the basement. But do you know how to stop these and save your favorite holiday décor items? Let’s look at four things you can do to keep water at bay. 

Interior Basement Waterproofing 

Starting from the inside, make sure water and moisture don’t flow in or infiltrate your basement. Some common interior basement waterproofing measures include: 

  • Installing an interior drainage system: These sub-floor drain channels collect water and redirect it to a sump pump before it has a chance to damage your basement and belongings. 
  • Installing a sump pump: This device helps eject any water collected by the interior drainage system before it causes problems. After water enters your basement and is intercepted by the interior drains, the sump pump actuates and drains it out quickly to eliminate threats like water or structural damage. 
  • Installing a dehumidifier: Another handy device that lets you deal with runaway moisture in the basement. The dehumidifier sucks water vapor from the air, bringing humidity down to comfortable levels. 

Exterior Basement Waterproofing 

Your next job is to waterproof the basement from the outside to stop water in the surrounding soil from finding its way in through porous walls and cracks. Exterior waterproofing deters water from melt-offs or rain and acts as the first line of defense. 

Make sure the gutters attached to the bottom of your roof are clog-free and in good working order. Otherwise, water will spill over and onto your foundation where it can leak into the basement. Downspouts also need to be free of clogs, and the discharge lines on the ground need to be angled away from the foundation. They also can be placed in the ground. You also need to make sure your yard is properly graded so water will drain away from the foundation and not pool around it. 

Basement waterproofing on the outside together with internal waterproofing ensures your basement area stays dry all year round. By eliminating the threat of water, we protect your holiday decorations from mold and water damage and preserve the integrity of your structure. 

Other ways you can store your holiday decorations safely in the basement include: 

Elevate Storage 

If you are storing your décor in the basement, do not keep boxes on the floor or along walls. Instead, consider installing shelving. Shelving helps to keep the space more organized and dry, especially if your basement is prone to flooding. Do not use wood shelving as it’s susceptible to moisture and delectable to gnawing pests. Choose sturdy plastic or galvanized metal sheets for better results. Makes sure the shelving is spaced to allow proper air circulation. 

Invest in Proper Storage 

Get proper storage boxes for your decorations before you move them to the basement. Buy sturdy boxes that can withstand dampness, rodents, and insects. Avoid cardboard and wooden boxes, as they can get moldy or destroyed by bugs and mice. Plastic bins with locking lids are a superior option as they provide adequate protection for your items. 

Take Action Be sure to contact Mount Valley Foundation Services to request a free basement waterproofing inspection and quote. We’re happy to discuss your waterproofing needs and recommend affordable and effective solutions that will help create a dry, mold-free basement.

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