Misty Woods Retaining Wall Repair With Helical Tieback Anchors

Misty Woods Retaining Wall Repair With Helical Tieback Anchors

Scope of Work:
Retaining Wall Repair

Design Engineer:
S A Engineering, P.A.
Sael Abdulhadi, P.E.

General Contractor:
Empire Construction, Inc.

Foundation Contractor:
Mount Valley Foundation Repair Specialists

In March of 2005, Empire Construction awarded Mount Valley a contract for the installation of 166 helical tie back anchors on a wooden retaining wall renovation project at the Misty Woods Apartments in Charlotte, NC.

Project engineer, Sael Abdulhadi, PE of S. A. Engineering, considered numerous options but chose Mount Valley’s Helical Tie Back Piles over more commonly known square shaft products because of their superior strength and ease of installation.

In an effort to prevent any soil loss or collapse, the project engineer required the existing decaying wall be left in place, with the new helical tie backs installed through it. A new pressure treated wall was to be built 10” forward of the old with the void being filled with #57 stone.

Mount Valley installed all 166 tie backs throughout the complex in 5 days with only a four man crew. This added precious time back to Empire construction’s crucial and tight schedule.

Mount Valley’s Crew Chief contributed to the fast production rate of the uniquely designed, infinitely adjustable threaded terminations.

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