Lake Greenwood Retaining Wall

Lake Greenwood Retaining Wall

Scope of Work:
Historic Retaining Wall Repair

General Contractor:
South Carolina State Park Service

Foundation Contractor:
Mount Valley Foundation Services

In March of 2005, Mount Valley Foundation Repair Specialists met with a representative of the South Carolina State Park Service to discuss repair options to the existing historic retaining wall at Lake Greenwood State Park in Greenwood, SC. This retaining wall was of special interest to the Park Service because it represents one of the first South Carolina projects completed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), a New Deal Program created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression in 1938.

The wall consisted of rectangular shaped granite stones laid in a running bond resting on an original un-reinforced concrete footing. The wall was suffering from years of undermining by lake currents and wave erosion. A twenty year old concrete under-pour that projected off the original stone face by as much as twelve inches represented an earlier attempt at repair and further complicated problems by accelerating the rotation of the dropping wall.

After consideration of many different options, the State Parks Service chose Mount Valley Foundation Repair Specialists to install Mount Valley’s helical piles along with custom fabricated lifting brackets to stabilize approximately 350′ of this 800′ wall.

Heavy early spring rains were raising the lake levels over two inches per day and threatened to delay stabilizing the wall until the lowering of the lake in the fall of 2005. Mount Valley rushed into action. Responding with four trucks and 10 employees, they finished the project ahead of schedule in just 24 hours, barely evading the rising water.

The single 10″ diameter helical piles were driven to weathered rock at approximately 20′ and 4,000 foot-pounds of torque. The lifting brackets were installed and adequate pressure was applied to stabilize the retaining wall.

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