How Cold Weather Causes Foundation Problems for Your Home

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The colder season brings many happy things for you and your family. It is the time for holidays, snow, and great family gatherings! With your family coming over for the holidays, the last thing that should be on your mind is the structure of your home.

When air gets colder it gets drier. This dry air will remove the water that is in the soil which surrounds your home, causing it to shrink. Shrinking soil is the result of settlement from the dry soil around your home which leads to foundation problems within your home.

Depending on the type of foundation you have, you will see different types of signs of foundation problems inside your home. For example, if you have a slab foundation type then you will see signs in your indoor walls and on your floors. Walls inside your home will begin to crack, pull apart from one another, and in very serious situations separate from your ceiling.

Homes with basements will see signs of cracks on their outdoor and indoor walls and with their doors and windows. Your outdoor walls and indoor walls will show signs of cracking, usually in stair step cracks. As the settlement gets worse, those cracks will continue to grow further apart causing a major crack up your walls. Also, doors and windows will begin to stick to their frames.

Not only will the dry air create foundation problems for your home, but water from frost and snow will also create problems within your home. When you have shrinking soil, the cracks allow water to enter your foundation. Water in a foundation leads to major deterioration of your home and many problems for you and your family.

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