As we progress into winter, the lower temperatures have a way of getting our attention. We crank up the heat, build fires, and wear warmer clothes. However, the lower temperatures also tend to distract us from something that warrants our attention here in SC NC and GA. Winter months are typically wetter months. Wet, expansive soil such as clay (which most of our homes are built on) is a major cause of foundation failure, and clay tends to expand during winter months with higher water content, causing foundation settlement.

Another problem is that signs of foundation failure often occur on the outside of a home or structure. With cooler temperatures, we tend to spend less time outside, letting signs like cracked bricks or leaning chimneys go unnoticed.

So this winter, stay warm and safe. Cozy up to the fire and enjoy good times with your family and friends. But remember–instead of making a mad dash to and from your car–occasionally take a close look at your home for signs of foundation failure…it may be trying to tell you something!

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