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Shrinking Soil and Foundation Settlement

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The weather is finally getting warmer! Unfortunately, home’s that have foundation settlement problems will continue to have them even as the weather warms up. Warmer weather pulls moisture out of the soil, drying it out. As this happens, it allows room for movement, which causes settlement underneath your home.

Soil settlement will cause multiple problems within your home. These can become a big problem for you and your family if actions are not taken to help your home’s foundation.

Some tell-tale signs of foundation settlement include:

Wall Cracks: The most common sign of foundation settlement, both interior and exterior. These cracks will continue to grow as the settlement worsens.

Sinking Floors: Gaps between your walls and floors are signs of shifting that occur underneath your home’s foundation. These can be major safety hazards for your family if nothing is done.

Sticking Doors and Windows: Your home’s windows and doors will begin to stick when you try to open or close them. Replacing may help the problem for a short amount of time, but as the settlement gets worse, the replacement doors or windows will stick as well.

Mount Valley Foundation Services has multiple solutions for foundation settlement problems you may be experiencing.

Pier systems will help stabilize your home from its foundation. Mount Valley has three types of pier systems for your home:

Helical Piers

Helical piers are used to stabilize your home by a process called “underpinning.” These piers are installed down in the bedrock below your home’s foundation which helps lift your home to its original position.

Slab Piers

Slab piers are used for concrete slab homes. Slab piers are installed farther than the bedrock, down into the earth. Installation of slab piers will help stabilize your home and help close cracks in your home.

Push Piers

Push piers are installed in bedrock and help provide strong support for your home. This pier system help raise your home and strengthen its structural integrity.

Unfortunately, these are just few of the problems your home may be experiencing if you have foundation problems. Call Mount Valley Foundation Services at 803-220-3550 or CLICK HERE to fill out this form to have a free foundation inspection completed on your home. 

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