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Repair / Replace Foundation

Whether you choose to repair or replace the foundation, make sure to use a contractor you trust to give you an effective and permanent solution.

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Foundation Repair or Replacement in Charleston, Columbia, Myrtle Beach & All of South Carolina

You may think that the most logical solution to your foundation damage is to replace it. However, it is best to consider all of your options to make sure you get the best quality for your money.

Whether you choose to repair or replace the foundation, make sure to use a contractor you trust to give you an effective and permanent solution. Foundation repair should only have to be done once!

At Mount Valley Foundation Services, we have the best solutions for your foundation problems. Our guaranteed piering systems take the worry out of repairing your home. With our lifetime, transferable warranty, you know you are getting the most effective, permanent solution for your home. We can perform a comprehensive inspection of your foundation and offer you an obligation-free estimate. If you’d like to schedule a free foundation repair quote, call or e-mail us today!

What’s Causing My Foundation Problem?

Soil has many layers. The different layers contract and expand in different ways as the moisture and temperature shift. If the layers of soil beneath your home begin to shift and become unstable, your home will experience settlement. In a nutshell, foundation settlement is the movement in your home’s structure when the soil beneath it shrinks, settles, or can no longer support the structure’s weight.

Changes in the density or moisture in the soil beneath your home will affect your foundation’s ability to support the weight of the structure above it.

Bowing or buckling walls are an example of damage caused by expansive soils. As the clay-rich soil around your home expands with water, excess pressure can cause damage to your foundation’s walls.

Foundation Replacement

If your home is experiencing foundation issues, be aware that the problem is not going to get better on its own. Covering up cracks with mortar is not a solution to foundation damage. As the soils around your home continue to move and shift with weather and moisture changes, the crack will continue to reappear. The sooner the problem is addressed, the better.

Total foundation replacement

It involves bringing in heavy machinery and completely excavating around your home.

And structures or landscaping around your home — such as porches, steps, gardens, walkways, and foliage — would have to be removed.

After excavating your foundation and removing any structures or landscaping that was in the way, the house is “jacked up” on support structures. The foundation walls or slab floor is completely removed and a new foundation is built in its place. The support structures are then removed and the house is lowered back into place on the new foundation.

This process is extremely disruptive, lengthy, and much more expensive than foundation repair. More about foundation repair costs.

Foundation Repair

After thoroughly inspecting your home’s foundation problems, our certified foundation repair expert will explain how the problem occurred and what specialized system should be used to make permanent repairs.

We have many foundation repair solutions that can be customized to your specific needs. If you have buckling foundation walls, for example, our Titan wall anchors may be suggested as the solution. Foundation settlement problems often require foundation piers.

Foundation repair is performed year-round and many repairs take a day or less to complete. Our foundation piering systems come with a lifetime, transferable warranty.

Do You Recommend Repairing The Foundation Or Replacing It?

It is important to understand that foundation problems can occur in any structure no matter how old it is or how it was built. An article from Consumer Reports has shown that an alarming 15% of new homes constructed experience structural problems.

Foundation problems typically occur when the home was poorly built or if the home was built on poorly compacted fill soils.

While in a few extreme cases a foundation just can’t be fixed, we recommend repairing the foundation whenever possible.

Replacing your entire foundation is costly and disruptive to you and your family. Not only is it a lengthy process, it doesn’t address the source of the problem: your foundation soils.

The soil beneath your new foundation will continue to move, causing you the same problems you had in the old foundation!

What Makes Foundation Repair Better?

Quality foundation contractors do more than simply fix the crack in your foundation. The products and systems used to repair your home take into account soil conditions around your home and are designed to support the weight of your structure when the soil cannot. Once your foundation is stabilized your foundation problem should be solved permanently.

Push piers, for example, are driven deep into the soil under your foundation past unstable soil and into bedrock or a soil layer that is competent to hold the weight of your home. This support permanently stops foundation movement.

Titan wall anchors are inserted into foundation walls and use the soils around your home as an anchor to counteract the pressure that is causing the walls to bow.

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