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With hurricane season upon us, many in the Southeast are getting inches and inches of rain. Rain, while great for the environment, is also great at ruining the things we value. Electronics, car upholstery, and other high-priced items can be ruined when left out or exposed to the rain. It’s common sense to bring stereos inside, roll up car windows, keep computers covered during transport, and generally protect our possessions from wet weather. But did you know that rain can severely damage your home as well?

Rain water that is not properly directed away from your home’s foundation can cause severe erosion and settlement issues in your foundation. Water that gets beneath your home’s foundation can wreak havoc not only in the structure of your home, but in the crawl space as well. From cracking walls to mold growth underneath floorboards, rain soaked foundations are a serious issue. Furthermore, many gutter systems do more harm than good by positioning downspouts directly against the foundation of the home. This means that even if the water is being initially directed away from the foundation, in the end, it is being poured directly back into the danger zone.

Mount Valley Foundation Services, Inc. has many products to not only fix the damage caused by rain, but to prevent it as well. From French drains to water spout extensions, we can help you protect the value of your home for a fraction of the cost that untreated damage will cause.

Give us a call today for a free estimate to see if our products can help protect your home!

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