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Installation of Helical Piers for Carolina Canners in SC

Installation of Helical Piers for Carolina Canners in SC

Cheraw, SC

Scope of Work:
Installation of Helical Piers to Support Interior Column Footings

Design Engineer:
Kellahan and Associates, Kingstree, SC

General Contractor:
Carolina Piping and Rigging, LLC, Bishopville, SC

Mount Valley Foundation Services, Inc. recently completed the installation of 60 helical piers in the interior of the Carolina Canners facility in Cheraw, SC. The soils beneath the facility had weakened over the years and were creating significant structural issues with the building. In order to correct the problem and provide permanent support, the design engineer came up with a plan to install new steel columns.

However, the steel columns needed to be able to transfer the building loads through the weak soils to soil strata capable of supporting the load. Typically this would be done with driven steel or concrete piles; however the interior of the cannery was congested with conveyors, tanks, and other process equipment which prevented the use of traditional, large and cumbersome pile driving systems. Furthermore, the cannery could not afford the downtime needed to remove the process equipment.

Using our state-of-the-art galvanized helical pier system, Mount Valley came to the rescue. Since helical piers can be installed using much smaller and agile equipment than traditional piles, we were able to work around the cannery process.

In order to limit interferences with the normal operations of the cannery, Mount Valley was required to begin work on a Friday morning and work non-stop until the installation was complete. Mount Valley crews completed the job on Saturday afternoon, after working through the night.

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