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How Wall Anchors Support Your Foundation

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The Benefits of Wall Anchors for Your Foundation

If you notice the presence of bowing, leaning, or buckling walls in your home, it is a sign of serious foundation issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible. If there are damaged walls in your Charleston, SC, home, it is important to consult our team at Mount Valley Foundation Services. Allowing this issue to go unchecked could result in the collapse of impacted walls very quickly. Depending on the nature of the damage in your home, our experts may suggest the installation of wall anchors. 

As one of the most effective and versatile solutions for bowing walls, wall anchors have many benefits as opposed to other wall repair systems. Since this is the case, many professionals will recommend wall anchors as a response to moderate to severely buckling and bowing in a property’s foundation or basement walls. 

What Are Wall Anchors and What Do They Do? 

Used to repair and stabilize bowing walls, wall anchors use the strength and weight of the hard-packed earth around a property to apply appropriate pressure. They are made up of three main parts: the wall plate, the earth anchor, and the steel rod which connects the two. When these three components work in tandem, they prevent walls from further bowing and will straighten them over time. 

Since the late 1970s, wall anchors have been used to successfully repair damaged foundation walls and have been used in private, residential, and commercial premises. The high rate of success that this method of repair offers is one of the main reasons that wall anchors are recommended by home inspectors, the FHA, HUD, and engineers alike.  

They are usually installed when a property’s foundation walls or basement walls have started to lean, buckle, or bow inwards due to excessively strong lateral pressure.  

Bowing or buckling walls are a sign of serious structural instability and damage in a home. Some of the telltale signs your walls are experiencing this are: 

  • Cracks spreading throughout the wall 
  • Damage to the paint or drywall 
  • Gaps between the floor and wall 
  • Visible unevenness 

There are several other issues that can co-occur with, or be caused by, this kind of damage in a home. To prevent secondary and tertiary issues from forming, it is important to act quickly and seek the proper repair options. This is where our superior system comes in handy. 

The Benefits of Wall Anchors 

Once your bowing walls have been inspected, an expert from Mount Valley Foundation Services might recommend wall anchors above other wall repair and straightening systems in Greenville, SC, for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the benefits of installing wall anchors in your home: 


Wall anchors are extremely tough, powerful pieces of equipment in general, but at Mount Valley Foundation Services, our anchors are of the highest quality. To resist moisture and corrosion, our anchors are treated with a special chemical compound and made from reinforced steel. Making every part of our wall anchor system capable of withstanding high amounts of pressure. 


Since they are placed in the ground, they can be installed into almost any space. This means that wall anchors can be used in even the most cramped of locations. They can be used to stabilize and straighten walls that have sustained mild to severe damage – if the wall isn’t fragmented. 

Ability to Straighten Walls 

One of the biggest benefits to installing anchors is their ability to straighten and rectify any deviation in the walls. To do this, once installed they apply opposing pressure to the walls in a gradually increasing scale which results in the wall being pushed back to its original place over time.  

Minimal Disturbances 

Due to older wall anchors being bulky in design and disruptive to a home during the installation process, this makes more modern wall anchors the more obvious choice. Since they are less disruptive, the installation process requires only a small amount of excavation, and once installed the anchors are easy enough to disguise. 

Increase In Property Value 

It is known that any kind of damage to a home can impact its value, but structural damage within it has a significant impact on how much value is lost. Installing wall anchors to deal with structural damage can result in an increase or restoration of your property value. This is partly due to the stabilization in your property’s structure but also because of the permanent nature of the solution. 

Year-Round Installation 

The team at Mount Valley Foundation Services is available to install wall anchors all year round. We are experts at working in various weather conditions and will be able to make the process quick and painless. 

Longtime Warranty 

We offer a longtime warranty for our wall anchor systems, so if you run into any problems down the road, our team will be on call to help. This additional benefit offers peace of mind for you and your home that’s hard to beat. 

Choose Mount Valley Foundation Services for Your Wall Anchor Needs 

One you notice signs of bowing and buckling in your basement or foundation walls, it’s imperative to act quickly and seek professional help and guidance. The team here at Mount Valley Foundation Services is always here to help homeowners in and around Columbia, SC. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule your free in-home inspection and written estimate.  

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