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How Frost and Ice Effect Your Home

The holidays are past us, however, the cold weather is not! Although there is little snowfall here in South Carolina, there are other elements of the wintery weather that can be damaging to your home’s foundation.

Frost and ice resulting from the wintery months and can be potentially dangerous for your foundation. During the summer months, the soil surrounding your home dries out, causing cracks and settlement. Unfortunately, when the winter months come around, the soil will continue to dry out due to the cold air. This will cause more cracks to form and more settlement to happen to your home.

As frost and ice form on the ground surrounding your home and begin to melt, that water will make its way into those cracks towards your foundation. The water from the frost and ice build pressure against your foundation, causing the settlement to get worse and damage your home. Signs of foundation settlement include cracks throughout your walls, both interior and exterior, and sticking of doors and windows.

Also, when the frost and ice melt and enter into those cracks, they can cause major water damage to your home’s crawl space or basement. Water damage can be dangerous to your home and your finances.

Another concern for your home’s foundation is the potential of melted frost and ice refreezing in the cracks in the soil around your foundation. If this happens, the frozen water will cause the cracks to grow larger, causing the settlement to worsen.

Fortunately, your home is safe from the chance of snowfall occurring in South Carolina. However, factors such as frost and ice can still potentially cause foundational damage. Call Mount Valley Foundation Services today 803-220-3550 or Click HERE to fill out the form for a free foundation inspection today!

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