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Basement foundation problems happen when the soil beneath a home’s foundation settles. The settling soil causes cracks, water damage, high electricity bills, and mold, all of which can be detrimental to a home and a family’s health. Once basement foundation problems are present in a home, it is important to get the issues looked at by a professional. Call us today to learn more about our basement foundation repair solutions

Learn more about the visual signs of basement foundation problems:

Floor and Wall Cracks

The soil underneath a basement floor is not densely compact like virgin soil. This less dense soil allows settling, shifting, and sinking. Ultimately leading to cracks, water damage, and mold growth. Cracks are a common sign of basement foundation problems, and ignoring cracks will lead to water and humidity damage in a basement.

Bowing Walls

Hydrostatic pressure occurs when water gathers around the foundation of a home and begins to exert pressure against the walls of a basement. This pressure forces basement walls to bow or tilt, which ultimately produces cracks to form in the walls. These cracks will allow water to leak through.

Sinking Floors

Once soil starts to settle it will eventually become loose, and the loose soil cannot support the weight of the home. As a result, the home will begin to push into the ground, sinking the foundation. This sinking foundation will cause multiple other problems within the home, such as sticking windows and doors or cracks in wall joints, tiles, garage columns, and bricks.

Mold and Mildew

Sinking floors, cracking door frames, and bowing walls all lead to the possibility for water to enter a basement. When a basement has high humidity or water collection, the chances of mold growth and mildew smell to occur increase significantly. Due to the stack effect, the process of how air rises through a basement, and up into other parts of a home, the mold which has grown in a basement can be harmful to the health of a homeowner and their family. However, there are basement foundation repair solutions that can keep a basement dry and healthy.

The majority of homes will eventually experience basement foundation problems because of soil settlement. Nevertheless, Mount Valley Foundation Services has a variety of basement foundation repair solutions to keep homes protected.

If you notice these basement foundation problems occurring in your home, call Mount Valley Foundation Services, call 803-220-3550 or contact us here to schedule your free inspection today. We will provide your home with the best basement foundation repair solutions!

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