The Albemarle Project In Columbia SC



The Albemarle is an exclusive gated townhome community located near the University of South Carolina in downtown Columbia. When the large brick privacy wall at the rear of the property began to lean over, they knew they needed a real expert. The only way to access the wall is a very narrow alley at the rear of the property.


Upon inspection of the wall, certified consultant Roger Britton immediately knew that Mount Valley had the equipment and expertise to permanently stabilize the wall with galvanized helical piles.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor:

Mount Valley Foundation Services

Certified Consultant:

Roger Britton

Products Installed:

Five helical piles with underpinning brackets

About the Consultant

After graduation from The Citadel Military College, Roger’s career has been heavily focused in the area of construction. In addition to owning a company that installed engineered foundations, Roger has worked as a general contractor specializing in industrial construction. Roger’s years of experience in construction prove valuable when diagnosing foundation settlement solutions. Roger says that the best part of his job is “talking to clients after the project and knowing that Mount Valley accomplished their goals, so they have peace of mind knowing their problem was solved.”

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