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7 Advantages Of Under The House Encapsulation

Do you really need to encapsulate under your house? Yes, you do. Besides protecting your home, the process can save you a lot of money.

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Whether you already have water and damp issues or you are just getting ahead of the game, there are many benefits to under-the-house encapsulation. 

Along with other methods of waterproofing your basement, foundation and crawl space, under-the-house encapsulation can free you from all of the pain that additional moisture can create. 

If you’ve been on the fence about this home improvement, these benefits are likely to change your mind and get you to make it a priority this year.

1. Air Quality

The bulk of the air you are breathing in your house comes from underneath your home. Without this layer of protection, you are likely breathing all of the dampness and stagnant water that has been accumulating in your basement, cellar or crawl space.

In addition to dust mites and the allergy symptoms they can hit your family with, these water-related issues will result in mold and rot. You’ll be breathing in tons of these mold spores before you ever spot it.

Even if you haven’t noticed damp smells and odors, you’ll be inhaling insect and rodent droppings — clearly not the best thing for your health.

2. Comfort

If you’ve ever cringed at stepping out of bed onto cold floors in the morning, or dislike the mugginess and humidity in your Columbia, SC, home during the dog days of summer, under-the-house encapsulation is for you. It helps keep out that exterior air and moderates temperatures to make your home more comfortable for you, your family and guests.

3. Utility Bills

Not only will your home feel more comfortable after encapsulation, but you’ll save a lot on your energy bills too. Insulating your crawl space can slash between 10% to 15% off your energy bill each month. Once you get it inspected, you can also simultaneously identify any other potential plumbing leaks that could be driving up your water bill. Even saving $100 a month can really add up over the time you’ll continue to live in this home.

4. Avoid The Cost Of Replacing Floors

Your interior floors are one of the first things to go when there is dampness and moisture underneath them. The last thing you want is to lose your hardwood floors or even to have to replace new vinyl or tile floors. That won’t just run you thousands of dollars in repair costs, it could also mean the project could drag for weeks. Let’s not even begin to count the cost of having to redo the baseboards or any painting. Calculating these costs, insulating this space and encapsulating it with a vapor barrier can easily pay for itself and return a lot more.

5. Extend The Life Of HVAC Units & Ducts

Heating and air conditioning units are not cheap. They are one of the most expensive fixtures in your home. It’s not something you can be without. You are going to need the heat in the winter and cold air in the summer. Replacing a unit could easily run $6,000 to $12,000. The more it is running to combat the air and humidity coming from under your home, the faster this unit is going to burn out.

This doesn’t even count the ducts. When you get a quote for a new A/C and heating unit, it often doesn’t include new ductwork. The ducts can really be most of the problem, especially when there has been dampness that has caused rust and rodents to move in. New ducts alone can cost over $2,000.

6. Add To Resale Appeal

If two homes are identical except an encapsulated basement or crawl space, that one will sell faster and for more money. Realtors are going to be much more confident in its value, appeal, safety and minimizing their exposure to liability. They know these homes are going to be in much better condition and buyers are much less likely to run into deeper mold and rot problems during inspections. It is much less likely the lender is going to deny the financing. They will promote it harder. Buyers will see the extra care and value you’ve added to your home.

7. Financial Incentives

In addition to the great savings and health benefits of encapsulation, it can be much more affordable to make this improvement than you think. In fact, it could qualify you for government and local rebates and incentives. This may include home improvement grants that don’t need to be paid back. If purchasing a home, you can often roll in improvements like these and others with FHA 203k loans. In some areas, FHA loans will give you up to an extra $50,000 to upgrade your home. If you already own it, check with local foundation experts who offer their own attractive financing deals.

Are you ready to take back your home by improving the health and appearance of your crawl space? Contact Mount Valley Foundation Services today for a free inspection and estimate.

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