Chevron Texaco New Construction Helical Piles

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Scope of Work:

New Construction Piles for cast-in-place footings for a tanker truck unloading bay

General Contractor:

D.E. Lee, Technical Supervisor of Construction

Foundation Contractor:

Mount Valley Foundation Services

In May of 2002, Mount Valley Foundation Services was chosen by Chevron Texaco to install foundation anchoring for a tanker truck unloading bay expansion at their facility in Charleston, South Carolina.

The owner’s requirements mandated a quick and effective solution capable of being installed with little to no disruption to the existing unloading facility as well as being capable of withstanding uplift pressure of 35 kips.

The low head room and process piping made the use of conventional pile driving equipment impossible.

A two-man crew from Mount Valley installed six helical piles along with six new poured concrete column bases with anchor bolts in less than 12 hours without any disruption to plant production.

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