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Spring has now arrived, and with the spring season comes rain. If your home has foundation damage, it will be victim to water damage as well. There are a multitude of causes for water damage.

Soil settlement with time begins to degrade the soil surrounding your home. Once that happens, it allows water to run toward the foundation of your home, adding large amounts of pressure pushing against your foundation.

Heavy rain also adds additional pressure to your home’s foundation.

Hydrostatic pressure is another cause for water damage. Hydrostatic pressure is the process of water pressing against your home’s foundation, causing your walls to either crack or bow inward. Once this happens, there is an easy pathway for water to enter your crawl space or basement.

Footing drains are installed to help keep water away from your home. When these footing drains become clogged with dirt and gunk, it allows the water to be pushed towards your foundation. This causes pressure to again crack your walls.

When your home has water damage to its crawl space or basement there will be visible signs.

Efflorescence is a mineral substance that is formed when water comes into contact with concrete.

Condensation will rust metals and form water droplets in your basement due to the amount of humidity water causes. This will also cause mildew and mold too.

You will also notice your basement walls becoming damp or your basement joint coves begin to leak and showing signs of water damage.

Fortunately, Mount Valley Foundation Services has the right solutions for your home.

For homes with a damaged crawl space, the SafeDri Pro X or Triple Sump Pump will help keep water capacity low. With the iron cast, and epoxy finished outer body, you can be assured that it will never corrode or rust.

For homes with damaged basements, the SafeDri Pro Sump Pump controls humidity and water levels in your furnished or unfurnished basements. For extra protection, you can have a battery alert system installed that will alert the household when your basement begins to flood. We all love the spring weather, but we all want our homes safe. Call Mount Valley Foundation Services at 803-220-3550 or contact us to have a free basement or crawl space inspection completed on your home today. We will keep your home safe for spring.

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