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6 Ways to Curb Basement Window Leakages

Find out what measures you can take to reduce or prevent moisture and water from getting into your home through faulty basement windows.

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While basement windows are important fixtures, they can also be a source of pain. Neglect them long enough and they will start letting in water into your basement. Your atmosphere will change. Indoor air will become musty and your walls and floor damp. Act fast before conditions turn for the worse. Here are ways you can combat problems with water and moisture stemming from basement windows. 

mulch by the window

1. Increase Air Circulation  

Moisture easily turns into water droplets on your wall when the air is stagnant. To resolve this problem, you need to enhance air circulation in your basement using an air exchanger. You can also use ceiling fans. These appliances will help you circulate the warm air that collects around the ceiling. Table and floor fans are more effective. Point them toward your windows and they will do their jobs. 

2. Keep Plants Away from the Windows 

Indoor plants transpire, and when they do, they release moisture into the air. If these plants stand close to your windows, you can be sure condensation will occur. You can prevent condensation and all the problems associated with it by keeping your plants away from the basement windows. They’re better off in a sunny area or against a sunny wall. 

3. Lay Gravel Beds  

Another thing you should do is lay gravel beds around your foundation. Unlike mulch, gravel does not suck moisture. This material permits water and moisture to drain away from your foundation. This reduces the volume of water that gets into your basement. Be careful not to lay too much gravel. Two to three inches of gravel is reasonable. Make sure the gravel receives direct sunlight during the day. The heat from the sun will radiate at night and melt snow, which drains as surface water. 

Sandy soils won’t give you problems as they are well drained. If you have clay soils, you will need to place gravel on top to enhance the movement of water. This reduces the soil’s ability to hold water, meaning less moisture will seep through the basement windows into your home. 

4. Clear Weeds and Debris  

Make sure that your garden and the perimeter of your home is weed-free. Garden plants and trees should be a few feet away from the exterior walls. Otherwise, they obstruct outside views and moisture drainage. 

This can elevate the moisture going into your basement. Once you remove the weeds, lay crushed stones all around your home’s perimeter to prevent them from growing back. 

5. Fix Gutters and Downspouts 

What’s the condition of your gutters and downspouts? If the gutters are clogged by leaves or debris, they will impede water flow. Make sure gutters direct rainwater properly. Otherwise, the water will run over the sides of the gutters onto your walls and get into the basement through your basement windows. Fix any loose gutters and replace old or damaged ones with clog-free designs. Make sure your downspouts also are clog-free and are angled away from your foundation or placed in the ground. 

6. Properly Grade the Foundation Soil 

How your yard slopes has a bearing on your basement conditions. Ensure the ground has a positive grade, meaning it slopes away from your home and the foundation soil is well drained. 

Extra Measures 

Fix any leaking window by re-caulking it. Use passive moisture absorbers to combat condensation, as they’ll lower humidity levels. Check for leaks around your gas system and fix them, as they can worsen an already damp basement. Do you need help waterproofing your basement or dealing with a leaky basement window? Get in touch with the basement waterproofing experts from Mount Valley Foundation Services. We will provide you with a free basement repair inspection and quote along with suggestions to keep your basement dry.

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