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Tips to Find a Basement Waterproofing Contractor in Greenville, SC

Since your basement is prone to damage, you need to find trustworthy and professional basement waterproofing contractors who can help prevent moisture issues.

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Basements are one of the most ignored areas when it comes to home maintenance. People only take action when this part starts developing problems. Why wait till the occasional mold, pests, dampness, or cold air enters your living space and makes the home inhospitable? By then, the damage could be too great and the cost of repairs hefty.

To forestall any of the moisture issues and problems associated with it, find good basement waterproofing contractors and enlist their help. We’ll look at what to consider when shopping around, but first, let’s look at how they operate.

Understanding how a basement waterproofing contractor works

Looking at your basement, you may only see the moisture in your walls or a wet floor and are bummed by where the water comes from. The answer is usually simple. Your surrounding walls and soils may be the culprit. Before your basement starts getting damp, moldy, and musty, you should find the best contractor in Greenville, SC.

When you approach a local basement waterproofing contractor, they will inspect the basement for leaks and damage and other underlying issues. Their findings will inform the decisions they’re going to make, plus the recommendations they’ll give you. Typical solutions among basement waterproofing contractors include:

  • Installing surface drainage
  • Installing interior water drainage
  • Installing sump pumps

Ultimately, solving basement waterproofing problems requires either interior or exterior solutions or a combination of both, depending on the severity. External solutions cost more because they need more resources to implement.

What to look for when hiring basement waterproofing contractors

Not only is basement waterproofing costly but it also touches on the structural stability of your home. That means you need to get it right when it comes to hiring basement waterproofing contractors. Some of the critical qualifications you need to look out for include:


Since you are working on an important part of your house, you should only deal with licensed basement waterproofing contractors. The reason for that is because they’re qualified to handle repairs and waterproofing projects, so this translates into fewer problems and a more satisfying basement job.


Another thing to consider is the contractor’s portfolio. Find out who the contractor has serviced in Greenville, SC, and what those customers say or think. A strong portfolio also guarantees you some level of predictability when it comes to budgeting and project timelines.

Expertise and skills

Depending on how bad the situation is in your basement, you should choose a contractor with the right knowledge. A top-level contractor for a simple fix will only drain your bank account. Some of the things to take into consideration are the amount of equipment your contractor has. If you are opting for some external drainage, you’ll need a lot of heavy equipment to get the job done. Your contractor should have all of these to lower the cost of leasing.

Mode of payment

Some contractors are very specific when it comes to payment. You should hire a contractor that is flexible when it comes to payments. Take into consideration your source of financing for the basement waterproofing project. If you are working with an insurance agent, let your contractor know to avoid problems as the project continues.


Every contractor worth his salt offers a warranty for his craft. You should ensure that the contractor you choose is willing to put a reasonable warranty into the contract you are going to sign.

Understanding your basement waterproofing quote

When you approach basement waterproofing contractors, it helps to understand the quote they give. A quote will contain the causes of your basement leaks or moisture problem after inspection plus a series of steps to fix the issues. It will also provide a price estimate for the entire project plus a breakdown of the individual costs. The appraisals include the price of the materials and any equipment that’ll be installed, such as sump pumps or dehumidifiers. The quote also features the duration of the entire project with a breakdown of the activities. You can use the written quote to obtain a loan from your bank or file an insurance claim if you have a home insurance policy.  

Looking to waterproof your basement or fix basement issues? Schedule a free basement inspection quote from a trusted local contractor today and get solutions that last!

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