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Your interior drainage system, together with your sump pump, plays a critical role in keeping the basement dry. However, like other systems, they’re not damage-proof. Years of use and certain factors can cause it to deteriorate or fail. Your basement, which was once dry, will become a waterpark. To avoid this scenario, take good care of your interior drainage system like BasementGutter™ and resolve any issue before it hurts your basement.

In the next section, we’ll highlight some of the unmistakable signs of a defective drainage system, then finish off by looking at how you can maintain your interior drainage.

Signs of Interior Drainage Problems 

How do you know if the basement drainage system of your Greenville, SC, home is faulty? Look out for one or more of the following signs:

  • Water Infiltration: Water seepage, especially after snow melts or heavy rain, is usually a sign of a clogged or blocked interior drain, and it can have extreme ramifications if not addressed promptly. Contact a professional to inspect and intervene as soon as possible.
  • Basement Water Stains: Do you see any signs of water stains on your basement floors and lower walls? This is another significant sign you could be having drainage issues. In this case, you need to contact a local waterproofing company to investigate and provide a viable solution.
  • Mold and Mildew in The Basement: As water vapor infiltrates your basement, it collects and condenses on the walls and sheathing in the foundation leading to mold growth. Your professional basement contractor may recommend several basement waterproofing remedies to address this issue.
  • Cracking Foundation: Natural shifting can cause foundation cracks, which may affect the performance of your interior drainage system. The severity of the problem depends on the size of the crack. If the cracks are about a centimeter wide, it is best if you call a local professional. They will start by looking at your interior drainage for any issues before fixing the cracks.
  • Flaking and Deposits on Walls: Efflorescence occurs when evaporating water leaves mineral deposits on your basement walls. This may leave your walls with white or grey crusts, or your wall may start flaking.
  • Bowing Floors: Poor drainage can cause your basement floors to shift. This can cause the floor tiles and boards to pop up. The first signs of bowing floors are doors that suddenly refuse to shut properly.
  • Puddles That Don’t Go Away: Whenever it rains, you always expect your drains to channel water. What isn’t normal is when puddles form and stagnate on the basement floor.

Taking Care of the Interior Drainage System

No matter how well they’re designed, your interior drainage system can collect dirt, scum, and debris and get clogged. However, the BasementGutter™ perimeter drainage system is specially designed to not clog and safely channel water to a sump pump system. That said, keeping an eye on your system is always best to make sure it continues to properly function.

While using a snake or auger is a straightforward DIY option, it’s best to leave the cleaning and maintenance of these systems to the professionals to prevent unintentional damage and other issues.

Make sure you talk to your local basement waterproofing professionals about an annual maintenance program you can take advantage of. These experts who installed the system will send service technicians to complete a thorough evaluation of all the waterproofing systems including your interior BasementGutter™ system and sump pump.

When you take good care of your drainage system, it will direct water fast and prevent flooding, water damage, and moisture buildup. Routine maintenance will greatly reduce the chances of clogging and the need for repairs and prolong the lifespan of your system.

Have a Defective Interior Drainage System?

While it is often difficult to notice a faulty drainage system, the consequences can be severe, which is why you need to act quickly. Whatever your interior drainage problem is, Mount Valley Foundation Services is available to rectify the problem.  Schedule a free waterproofing system inspection and quote with our experts and find lasting solutions to your drainage issues. They’ll resolve any problem that’s stopping water from flowing freely.

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