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A Practical Lawn Health Checklist for Every Homeowner

Are you worried about what unpredictable Columbia, SC, weather could do to your lawn? Here are a few tips to keep your lawn looking great in bad weather.

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Your lawn’s condition is one of the things that will draw the attention of visitors who come to your Columbia, SC, home. Don’t let the mild spring weather fool you. Your fortunes could change in summer and winter. The soaring summer temperatures will cause the soil to give up its moisture. Come winter, you could be staring at a frozen lawn, despite the snow barely exceeding four inches. 

If you’re struggling to maintain the lawn or don’t know how to carry out lawn preparation and rejuvenation, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to take care of the lawn and prevent damage to the foundation and basement. 

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Lawn Rejuvenation 

Bad weather doesn’t have to herald the death of your lawn. Here’s what you can do to revamp it. 

Examine Your Lawn 

The first thing you’d want to do when the weather takes a turn for the worst is audit your lawn. There are some areas that will suffer damage in the bad weather. In addition, some areas will need some healing and protection. While you audit your lawn, take stock of the condition of the grass, leaves, and twigs. You should also check the moisture depth in the lawn. Use a screwdriver or soil probe to see how far the moisture goes down into the soil. 

Apply Fertilizer and Compost 

Most homeowners apply fertilizer and compost to their lawns during the dry season. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, don’t apply too much compost and fertilizer to the sensitive spots. Make sure you get the ratio right, and your lawn will flourish. 

Mulch Your Lawn 

One of the best ways of regulating the amount of soil water in your lawn is by mulching it. Mulch slows down the rate at which water gets into the soil. In so doing, prevents excess water from getting into your foundation. 

Mulching is also a great way to keep your soil moist during the dry season. This way, the soil doesn’t shrink and settle. 

Install Sprinklers 

Every plant needs a constant supply of water to remain strong and healthy. The same applies to grass on your lawn or other plants such as flowers. A proper sprinkler system ensures the lawn is well-watered during dry spells. You can combine a sprinkler with a hand-held nozzle spray for the smaller plants. Water the lawn and plants at least once after three weeks. 

Grow Drought-resistant Grass and Hedges 

The dry season usually takes a toll on most plants. However, there are various types of grass and hedges that are drought-resistant. Buffalo grass, Redtop, sheep fescue, and Bahia grass are fantastic options. To prevent diseases and improve germination rate, use certified seeds. Planting drought-resistant plants during the wet season allows them to develop a robust root system that can preserve the heat of the dry season. 

Managing Your Lawn 

Maintaining your lawn in bad weather is an uphill task. You will have to constantly monitor your lawn and prepare adequately for the different seasons. 

Your lawn care routine should be informed by the prevailing weather conditions. You don’t need to keep your sprinklers on during the wet season. Remember to mulch your lawn at the onset of the dry season to keep it moist. 

Mowing isn’t a good idea. If you must, keep it at a minimum as the weather changes from wet to dry or as you approach winter. Timing your mowing is crucial in maintaining the ecological balance of your lawn and ensuring maximum vitality of your grass and plants. 

Lawn rejuvenation should only take place when the weather has broken. Any work done during bad weather, your solution may end up washed away or dried up. Be patient. Once the conditions change, you can go ahead to revamp the lawn. 

Protect Your Foundation Today 

Many homeowners don’t realize it yet. Your lawn health is directly tied to the safety of your basement or foundation. If your lawn is not well taken care of, you may start experiencing foundation problems such as water leaks, dampness, mold, or mildew. Foundation cracks can also be a direct result of a poorly kept lawn. 

Are you worried that bad weather will damage your foundation? Get in touch with the experts at Mount Valley Foundation Services for a free assessment and quote. Our experts will resolve foundation and basement issues and advise you on the best way to protect the underlying structure in your home.

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