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Edwin Moore, General Manager of Mount Valley Foundation Services, Inc. earned his Eagle Scout in 1984. The Eagle is the highest rank awarded in Boy Scouts and only around 3% of boys who start scouts actually make it to the Eagle rank.

So when Edwin received the following letter from a local Boy Scout having trouble raising money and supplies for his Eagle Scout Project he knew that Mount Valley should help. They did by making a substantial financial donation. The young man’s letter is as follows.

Dear Family, Friends and Fellow Scouters,

As you may know, I am currently working on my eagle project to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout; the highest honor in the Boy Scouts of America. An eagle project is a huge community service and leadership project, which I must organize, manage and complete in order to become an Eagle Scout. I am graciously asking for your help so I can reach this important milestone in my life. Since I was 7 years old, I have been working towards the rank of Eagle. Throughout the years, many of you have supported me in Scouting in various ways. Please consider helping me on my final and most important endeavor. I will be working on the project for the next 2 weekends, finishing my paperwork and last requirements and must have everything finalized before I turn 18 the end of this month.

For my eagle project I will be leading the construction of a privacy fence for the Palmetto Place Emergency Children’s Shelter. The children’s home is adjacent to a house that appears to run a “puppy mill” and is breeding aggressive nature dogs. Fleas are overrunning the playground and back yard of the property, to include the Director’s office which is a small separate building at the back of the property. The smell of animal feces is overwhelming and extreme during the warmer temperatures. If someone comes into the back yard, the dogs bark, growl, run around and jump on the flimsy chain link fence that is currently lining that side of the property line. These conditions are posing a safety concern and are prohibiting the children from enjoying free time outside. The authorities have been notified on numerous occasions, but no constructive action has been implemented.

These displaced children are already coming from horrible situations and to have them contend with these circumstances are unnecessary. The owners are quite irresponsible and inconsiderate of the circumstances. The children’s home does not have the funds needed to build a privacy fence that can separate the kids from the neighbors and the dogs, so I will build the fence that they need for my eagle project!

Completing this project and achieving my rank of eagle will be one of the most important experiences and accomplishments that I will fulfill in my life and I need your help to get there. I need approximately $2,000 in funds to purchase the materials needed to build the fence and cover additional costs. I would greatly appreciate any form of financial or material donation, no matter how small it may be, to go towards the completion of the privacy fence for the children and for my eagle rank. I can assure you that any donations made towards this project will be put to good use and will benefit the Palmetto Place Emergency Children’s Shelter.

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