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Encapsulating a Crawl Space in Charleston, SC

Homeowners called us about their cupping floors. After we discovered that their crawl space was exposed to moisture, we were able to fix their problem.

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Something every homeowner with a crawl space needs to know is that moisture in the foundation is a recipe for disaster. First, moisture leads to wood rot. Since support beams and joists are usually made of wood, this can be a huge problem. Eventually, damaged beams can compromise the structural integrity of the entire house. In addition, wood rot attracts termites, which can cause even more damage. 

Secondly, moisture turns your crawl space into a haven for pests. These creatures are usually drawn to dark and moist places, and a damp crawl space is just that. Pests are not just a nuisance. They can destroy anything that stands between them and their food source and are a huge health hazard. 

Thirdly, a moist crawl space is suitable for mold growth. The problem with mold is that it releases airborne spores. These spores can move upward and eventually invade your living space. They will contaminate the air you breathe and lead to respiratory problems. 

Ensuring that the crawl space is safe from any water damage is essential. When homeowners from Charleston, SC, called us, they had been dealing with moisture in their crawl space for some time. Since their floors were beginning to suffer, they decided that it was time to solve this problem once and for all.  

After inspecting their crawl space and determining the cause of the problem, we installed several waterproofing solutions. Thanks to our solutions, our customers can continue living in their home, confident that moisture issues are a thing of the past. 

 installed dehumidifier

Meeting the Customers 

Sometimes, we get to meet customers who have been the sole owners of a house ever since it was built. However, this time that was the case. The home was built in 1985, so the owners have lived there for 36 years.  

The best thing about working with such homeowners is that they know every corner of the house and its flaws. This makes the job much easier for us. The house in question was a one-story ranch home with a crawl space. The homeowners called us worried about their cupping floors. Since they had recently replaced the floors, they wanted to avoid this problem with new floors.  

Because it turned out that floors themselves were not the problem, the customers knew that something was wrong with the crawl space. They contacted Mount Valley Foundation Services because they heard about our long-standing business and professional services. 

Initial Inspection 

After a thorough inspection of the Charleston, SC home, it was very clear to our expert that humidity in the crawl space was causing the cupping floors. Since the floors were replaced, wood debris was noticeable on the old liner.  

The crawl space had some basic encapsulation that was no longer doing its job. Our inspector notified the homeowners about the problems they were facing and recommended several solutions that would keep their crawl space free of moisture. Our expert thoroughly explained all the options, and they came to an agreement that new, more reliable encapsulation was needed. Some additional waterproofing measures would be necessary as well. 

unhealthy crawl space

Repairing the Damage 

Since moisture signs in the crawl space were very noticeable, we knew that getting rid of humidity was our primary task. That is why we fully encapsulated the space. Our crew used vent covers to seal the crawl space vents and the CrawlSeal™ vapor barrier was used to encapsulate the crawl space. This 20-mil liner will reduce moisture and humidity in the crawl space and seal out cold drafts in winter. It can be installed both over walls and floors, which is very convenient, especially with short deadlines.  

CrawlSeal™ liners are extremely durable, so homeowners won’t have to worry about moisture issues for years to come. It is made with polyester cord reinforcement and comes with a longtime warranty. 

Even before encapsulating the crawl space, our crew used ExTremeBloc™ insulation on the walls. This insulation is not only moisture-resistant but can help reduce the customers’ energy usage by 15% to 20%. It has a polymeric film facer on both sides for increased durability and is very eco-friendly. However, the best thing about this insulation is that it comes with integrated termiticide. Therefore, it will keep this crawl space safe from these insects. ExTremeBloc™ also features a Class A fire rating, so it is effective against fire exposure. 

After we installed insulation and encapsulated the crawl space, we also installed a crawl space dehumidifier. This appliance will control the humidity levels in the crawl space the same way an AC unit does. When the moist air gets sucked into the appliance, the unit cools it down. This creates condensation, which then leaves the appliance through a drain underneath the unit. The dry air is then blown back out into the crawl space. 

By keeping the crawl space safe from moist air, the dehumidifier will keep the problem of mold, mildew, and bacteria growth at bay. Since a crawl space can be used as storage, this appliance will keep everything stored down there safe and dry. 

Our crew managed to complete the entire project in two days. The homeowners were pleased with the job we had done, happy that their new floors won’t be harmed by moisture issues. “The installation crew arrived on time, and they were very courteous and professional. We will definitely recommend them,” said the homeowners.

after crawl space encapsulation

Is your crawl space struggling with moisture issues? If so, contact Mount Valley Foundation Services and schedule a free inspection and estimate. Our team of skilled experts can encapsulate your crawl space and install other waterproofing solutions that will keep this space clean and dry for years to come. 

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