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Waterproofing an Older Home in Greenville, SC

A customer from Greenville, SC, called us after years of dealing with standing water in her basement. Here is how we transformed it into a dry space.

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No homeowner wants to have water in their basement. This area is convenient for storing items that are rarely used, but should not be thrown out. However, when there is water or moisture in the basement, this becomes an unusable space. Standing water in this area will not just damage your possessions but creates a perfect habitat for various pests that are drawn to dark and moist places. In addition, water can slowly damage the structural elements of the house and compromise its stability. It can also cause mold growth that can lead to respiratory problems. 

Waterproofing the basement is essential. Ensuring the health of the foundation is the biggest step towards ensuring the health of the entire home. 

When a homeowner from Greenville, SC, called us, she had been dealing with water in her basement for years. She said she had to sweep water out of her basement every time it rained. 

After a thorough inspection, our expert suggested several waterproofing solutions. Our customer was determined to prevent water from ever entering her basement again, so she opted for multiple waterproofing methods. With these solutions, we were finally able to turn her basement into a dry and usable space. 

waterproofed basement

Meeting the Customer 

The customer’s home was built in the 1950s and she has been living there for the past 44 years. Discovering water in the basement area under the house was nothing new. She has been mopping water after every rain for years. However, as she was getting older, this task became more difficult. The homeowner said she was tired of having water in this area of her home and she doesn’t want to waste her strength on mopping it out of the basement. She wants to waterproof her basement so when it rains, she doesn’t have to worry about this space getting flooded. 

Initial Inspection 

When our expert arrived at the house, he was able to determine that it was not built on top of the basement. There was a crawl space/basement combo under the house. The basement was a walk-out basement and signs of flooding were everywhere. Upon inspection, our expert determined that the water was entering the basement area from all four walls. Parts of the floor were still a bit moist and there were traces of standing water on the walls. Even when our inspector returned to get the homeowner’s signature on the contract, there was standing water in the basement, as it had rained the day before. 

Our inspector suggested several waterproofing solutions and explained their purposes. The homeowner was eager to put a stop to these issues, so she gladly accepted our suggestions. 

Repairing the Damage 

We were able to completely waterproof this basement in just one day. Our crew installed the BasementGutter ™ interior drainage system which doesn’t require heavy excavation. This is why it can be more easily installed and is more affordable than an exterior drainage system.  

Another benefit of the interior drainage system is that it features a clog-free design. While exterior drainage needs to be frequently cleaned and even then it can clog, such a problem won’t occur with the interior system. Our crew installed the BasementGutter™ along the perimeter of the basement. It will catch the water that penetrates the walls and prevent it from causing damage to the basement.  Since it is installed below the floor, it is barely visible. BasementGutter™ has a longtime warranty, so the homeowner can relax knowing that this system will serve her for decades to come. 

 We also installed a grated drainage pipe in front of the walk-out door. This way the water that pools around the home’s perimeter won’t be able to enter the basement and flood it. With our SafeDri™ sump pump, the customer could finally forget about mopping the basement after every storm.  

This sump pump can quickly pump out large volumes of water and keep the basement dry. The reason why we prefer installing SafeDri™ sump pumps is that they feature a cast iron casing, are extremely reliable, and have a float switch that won’t jam. 

Our crew installed the WallSeal™ vapor barrier on concrete blocks where BasementGutter™ is installed. This solution will prevent leaks and mold growth and protect the basement from moisture. It is an ideal solution for unfinished basements since it covers up those unsightly basement walls and turns this area into a comfortable space. 

After the project was completed, our customer was happy knowing that she would never again have to clean the basement after every rainstorm. 

Is your basement prone to moisture issues? Do not hesitate to contact professionals at Mount Valley Foundation Services and schedule a free inspection and repair quote. One of our experts will come to your home to thoroughly inspect your basement and see whether any problems need to be addressed. They will also recommend solutions that suit you and your budget. Finally, our expert team can repair any damages and install waterproofing solutions, making your home safe and comfortable for you and your family.

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