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Foundation Settlement

Foundation Settlement

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Basement Wall Repair

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The process for this foundation repair is to push or hydraulically drive heavy-duty steel tubes into the earth in sections until the soil that is around them is stable. The goal is to push the heavy steel tubes until they reach stable soil and are sturdy. The process requires a person securing the foundation bracket initially and then pushing each of the piers into each bracket individually. Push piers are often used for heavy structures.

Foundation helical piers resemble a screw-like feature which also describes the installation process. The helical pier process is different than the push pier one because the helical piers are pulled until they reach the best part of the soil and then are secured at the end. Both methods solve foundation settlement issues, however, each application will be determined by the type of soil you have. Helical piers are often used for lighter structures.

Wall anchors are designed to stabilize cracked or bowed walls so that your structure will be safe. These anchors secure basement and retaining walls that are damaged due to excessive outside soil pressure. This pressure is the result of water buildup in the soils surrounding your home. This application is best suited for houses with ample space from neighboring yards.

Cracked and bowing walls can also be solved by using the application of basement wall braces. Basement wall braces can be used when homes are close to neighboring homes, as wall braces do not require any outdoor excavation. All wall braces components are zinc-coated for rust resistance and offer the ability to be tightened over time.

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