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No matter what has caused your foundation damage, Mount Valley Foundation Services has the products and expertise to provide the best solution to your problems. Each of our foundation repair products comply with the highest industry standards, and come with a manufacturer’s warranty as well as our in-house warranty.

Let us provide you a free foundation repair quote. We will inspect your foundation, discuss the causes and solutions to your individual problem, and provide a written, no-obligation estimate. If you live in or around Charleston, Columbia, Myrtle Beach, or anywhere in South Carolina and would like to schedule your free inspection and quote, call or e-mail us today!

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To find out which products offer the best solution to your foundation needs, Mount Valley Foundation Services provides free home evaluations to determine your foundation repair needs. Our dedicated foundation experts will walk your through the causes and solutions to your foundation settlement issues. To schedule your free structural repair quote, call or e-mail us today!

We’re proud to serve Augusta & Greenville, and nearby localities such as Charleston, Spartanburg, Rock Hill, Anderson, Myrtle Beach, Florence, Sumter, and the surrounding areas.

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Foundation walls are designed to support loads from above, not from the side. When side pressure on your walls exceeds their ability to withstand the force, they will begin to crack, bow, slide in at the bottom, and/or tilt in at the top. Rebuilding damaged walls may seem like the obvious (and expensive) answer, even new walls will fail if the soil conditions are not changed. Wall anchors can counteract soil pressure by anchoring walls to stable, undisturbed soil outside your home. Thanks to threaded rods that extend through the wall, wall anchors can even be used to straighten walls in many cases!

I-Beam Systems For Foundation Walls

If exterior anchor systems are impossible to use, I-beam systems can be used repair foundation wall damage. I-beam systems provide important benefits: stabilizing bowed or tilting walls, and gradually forcing bowing or tilting wall sections back to their original position. All I-beam components meet the highest-quality standards!

INTELLIJACK Floor Support Systems

Sagging or bouncy floors can be caused by many factors. Shifting supports or lack of supports and wood rot are just a few of the causes for sagging and sloping floors. Insufficient support under your floors can lead to sticking doors and windows as well.

Our IntelliJack support systems address the problems of sagging and bouncy floors by providing extra support where your floors need it most. The IntelliJack floor support system strengthens the areas of your floor that are sagging and can bring your floors back to their original level. Our specialized floor support system can replace shifting or deteriorated masonry piers under your home or can be used in areas where not enough supports were built.

Foundation Piers & Slab Piers

No matter if your home was built on a pillar or slab foundation, if the soils beneath your home are unable to bear the structure’s weight, foundation settlement will occur. Using steel piers, Mount Valley Foundation Services can transfer the weight of your home’s structure to more stable soil strata. Using our specialized piering systems, we can typically adjust your home back to its original level before settlment occured.

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