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Improper Grading Around Foundations

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As many coastal residents know, historically, coastal cities have been built on filled in land. Back-filled areas are not uncommon. However, when the filled in land has been improperly compacted, foundation issues can arise. Back-filled soils are not necessarily unstable. When compacted improperly, however, these soils can become loose and unstable.

As you look at your home’s foundation issues, you may ponder whether or not your home has been built on unstable back-fill. Is the builder responsible? Are you? Will your home owners’ insurance cover this? It’s very difficult to determine who is immediately at fault. There are certainly instances when new homeowners are able to hold their builders responsible. And there are some insurance policies that cover foundation damage. In these instances, it is often best to consult your contract or insurance policy. However, the problem with your foundation still needs to be corrected.

No matter how the problem has occurred, it still must be addressed. The good news is that Mount Valley Foundation Services has a permanent solution to any foundation issue that may arise.

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