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Improper Drainage Causing Erosion

in Charleston, Columbia & All of South Carolina

Have you ever gone outside your home after a rainstorm and found that the ground has become soggy? At parks and golf courses this is nothing more than an inconvenience. When it happens around your foundation, however, it can become a devastating foundation problem.

Poor drainage conditions around your home can cause over-saturation of soil. Excess moisture in soil can cause instability around your foundation.

Many homeowners have tried to address the problem of standing water around their home. Such things as french drains and water run-off systems can be extremely helpful. However, sometimes these drainage systems are just not enough to prevent foundation damage. Once water problems have caused damage to your foundation, drainage systems will not be able to prevent further damage.

Another drainage issue we often see is plumbing leaks. While it’s easy to notice water spurting from beneath your sink or an overflowing toilet backing up onto your floors, plumbing leaks beneath your home are often overlooked. These leaks don’t just happen in your crawlspace (where a plumber or air conditioning technician might find them) — they also happen beneath the ground. Most commonly, these leaks are noticed by homeowners who spot random puddles of water around their home, especially during a dry weather period. These leaks don’t only cost you plumbing difficulties, the can also erode the soil around your foundation.

If you experience a plumbing leak below your home or the ground surrounding your home, please check your foundation for signs of damage! If you have seen signs of water damage around your home’s foundation or have reason to believe there may be water damage around your foundation, please make sure to check your home for signs of foundation failure.

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