Why should I fix my foundation?

If you’re wondering what’s in it for you if you take on a foundation repair project, the answer is a lot! Neglecting problem signs and symptoms is dangerous and will end up being time-consuming and costly. But there are so many ways you, your family, and your home will benefit from fixing foundation issues. Here are just a few of the advantages:  

  • Enhanced Safety and Structural Integrity — First and foremost, safety should be your top priority when it comes to your home. You wouldn’t want your loved ones to live in the presence of compromised walls and unstable floors, would you? When you shore up your foundation with trusted solutions, you are ensuring its safety and structural integrity, as well as the happiness and wellbeing of your family. 
  • Improved Real Estate Value — Whether you plan to live in your house for many years or sell it soon, your home is going to be on the real estate market at some point. And before it is, you need to make sure it’s ready. Foundation problems can reduce your home’s resale value by 10 to 30 percent, and buyers could have problems getting a mortgage. Most homebuyers expect a house to be free of worries like significant repair needs, so it’s best to address any problems beforehand. Protect your home today and for the future by fixing it the right way. 
    Also, as a South Carolina homeowner selling your house, South Carolina Code § 27-50-40 states you must provide a written disclosure statement to the purchaser. Some necessary information you need to include is the condition of the chimney, floors, foundation, basement and other structural components, as well as any infestation of wood-destroying insects and accompanying damage that has not been repaired. 

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