What’s the best way to fix my foundation?

Now that you’re more familiar with foundation problems and their need for repair, are you ready to take back your house? A lot of people weigh their options of foundation repair vs. foundation replacement. Foundation replacement is quite invasive and time-consuming and won’t actually get to the root of the problems. But various repair methods will permanently solve the issues, so you won’t have to worry about them again. 

As you start to think about your plan of attack, consider who will be completing the work. Foundation repair is a significant commitment, and it may be tempting to try to save money and do it yourself. But even if you are a handy “jack of all trades” or know someone who is, it is best that you leave the heavy lifting to professionals. This type of repair is a big deal, and a lot can happen if you try to DIY your way through it. Oftentimes, these DIY repairs don’t stand up to code or the test of time, and you’d have to spend more time and money to bring in a contractor to fix them. 

It can be intimidating and daunting to think about hiring a contractor, and no doubt you’ve heard about horrible experiences others have had with shady contractors and their shoddy work. But don’t let these tales completely influence your decision. Have faith that there are companies out there with your best interest at heart who truly want to help you. Learn more in our “Know the Signs of a Good and a Bad Basement Repair Contractor” blog. 

The best thing you can do is educate yourself and do plenty of research before you hire a contractor. You want to make sure you’ll be confident in who you invite into your home. Learn as much about a company as you can. Look at reviews, check third-party resources like the Better Business Bureau, and ask for references. Also seek company must-haves like proof of insurance, licenses, and other pertinent certifications and documents. 

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