What will Mount Valley use to fix my crawl space?

We are committed to your satisfaction and your home’s safety. That is why we only use the very best repair solutions. The products we use are manufactured right here in the United States, and they are tested and proven to effectively work in keeping your crawl space clean, dry, safe and healthy. All these solutions also are designed to work together to give you the most bang for your buck and prevent any further problems. 

Here is how we tackle crawl space problems, as well as the solutions we use and how they work: 

  • Address Leaking Water — To address seeping water, we first need to catch the water, then get this water to a sump pump system, and then send this water away from the home.  

    Our specially designed CrawlDrain™ perimeter drainage system is placed in the dirt crawl space floor around the perimeter to catch seeping water from the walls and floor. The drainage channels then direct this water into the SafeDri™ Crawl Space Sump Pump System, which then pumps the water out of the crawl space and away from the home.  A FreezeGuard™ also can be attached to the exterior sump pump discharge line to prevent flooding if the line should freeze or become blocked. 
  • Seal the Crawl Space from Outside Elements — It is important to seal your crawl space from outside air, water and pests. The first step is having durable vent covers placed over the crawl space vents. 
    Then, a heavy-duty moisture and vapor barrier is installed. Our CrawlSeal™ is a true 20-mil liner rated above 25-mil strength at the seams. This liner, which is three times thicker than builder’s grade liner, is used to completely isolate the crawl space from the earth. CrawlSeal™ prevents moisture and vapor intrusion, is waterproof, and has been treated to resist mold. 
    Additionally, thick drainage matting can be placed on the crawl space floor before the encapsulation process to help direct water to the perimeter CrawlDrain™ system, as well as enhance the strength of the CrawlSeal™ liner. 
  • Properly Insulate the Crawl Space — Rigid ExTremeBloc™ panels placed on crawl space walls will better insulate the area and will not fail or develop mold like fiberglass insulation. These panels resist moisture, and an integrated termiticide is added to deter termites below grade. CrawlSeal™ also helps insulate the crawl space, and spray foam can be added to rim joists to seal gaps around the perimeter of your foundation. These insulation methods help prevent wood rot and enable termite treatments. 
  • Condition the Air — Our low-profile crawl space dehumidifier is powerful and energy efficient. It effectively works to clean and filter the air, control moisture and humidity, and reduce odors and potential mold growth. This dehumidifier also is self-draining, meaning there aren’t any reservoirs or buckets to have to worry about emptying. The unit can be directed to drain into the crawl space perimeter drainage system or sump pump system, or a condensate pump can be installed. 
  • Reinforce Support Systems — Wooden floor supports and light-duty jack posts commonly fail in wet and humid crawl spaces. Our durable IntelliJacks™ are made of galvanized steel, making them more reliable supports that can stabilize and lift sagging floors and floor joists back to level. 

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