Water and Moisture in A Vented Dirt Crawl Space

Water and moisture also can have a significant impact inside your home, as well. If you have a dirt crawl space with open vents, this allows outside air, water, and pests inside the crawl space directly underneath your house to cause a host of problems. More than 50% of the air you’re breathing indoors comes from below-grade areas like crawl spaces. So, whatever is in your crawl space such as mold, moisture, and humidity, also is in the rest of your house and affecting you. One example of a structural impact is with the support system under your house. If wooden support systems become saturated with water or exposed to high humidity and excessive moisture, they can rot and buckle. Metal supports also will corrode and rust in the same conditions. All this then leads to sagging, uneven floors and problems with hardwood floors. 

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