There are many soil types throughout the United States and around the world, and more than 180 have been recognized in South Carolina. But there are three basic ingredients – sand, silt, and clay, as well as a combination of any or all of these – that make up all soil types and their texture. NASA Earth Observatory maps show how much of these ingredients can be found across the country. Faster-draining sandy soils can be found in southern states. Clay soils that hold onto water and silt soils that tend to have intermediate drainage properties are found across the country. 
South Carolina has a mix of each kind, with mostly sandy soils near the coast and a combination of sand and clay throughout the bulk of the state. It can be difficult to build in the state’s damp, wet soil, whether it’s clay or sand. That explains the lack of basements in the south, and why it can be more economical and practical to build on a slab foundation. Nevertheless, we have come across homes in South Carolina with basements that need waterproofing assistance. 

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