How can I repair my basement?

You might be excited to visit your local home improvement store to gather repair supplies after reading about what could be going on under your house. And there are so many resources like video tutorials and blogs at your disposal. However, no matter how handy and capable you are, wet basement repair isn’t meant to be a project you can knock out in a weekend with a friend. Basement waterproofing is serious work, and something that is best left to professional contractors. 

There are different DIY repairs you could use like sealants or paints, but these are only temporary solutions that will end up popping and flaking because of underlying, lingering water and moisture problems. Water follows the path of least resistance and it will find another way in even if you “sealed off” one intrusion area.  

Don’t waste your time and money on quick fixes that won’t get the job done. Fix the problems right the first time with a trusted company.  

If you’ve heard horror stories about working with contractors, it’s understandable that you’d be wary about working with one yourself. But don’t let a few bad apples out there completely influence your decision. 

Before hiring a contractor, make sure you do your homework and are comfortable with who you bring into your home. Request more information about the company and ask for reviews; references; proof of insurance, licenses, and other certifications; a written contract; and examples of completed work. Check out our “How to Pick A Basement Repair Company for Wet & Leaking Basements” blog to learn more. 

And don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Mount Valley Foundation Services! 

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