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Sump Pump Installation

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Keeping your basement dry, especially if your home is located in a flood-prone area of the community, can be quite a challenge. Water naturally gravitates toward the lowest point in your home and in most cases, your basement. To keep your basement dry and free from flooding, what you need is to install a sump pump.

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is basically a system that is used to drain any water that finds its way to your basement and channels this away from your home via a drainage system. It is considered an essential tool in basement waterproofing and is a great addition to any home that is prone to flooding. A sump pump system consists of a basin or pit, pressure sensor, pump, return pipe, and check valve. The pit is found in the ground, in the lowest point of your basement, and this gathers any water that flows into your basement. Once water enters the basin, the pressure sensor or float valve triggers the pump, which then siphons the water in the basin and redirects it outside via the pipe. The check valve is what keeps the water from returning, closing as water passes through.

Common Reasons for Basement Flooding

Your basement can get flooded for many different reasons. These causes can include:

  • Your house is on a lower part of your property – if your house was built on the lower part of your estate, basement flooding can be a problem.
  • Improperly sealed floors and tiles – another culprit that can be blamed for basement flooding is when your basement’s walls and floors were not properly sealed during construction.
  • Problematic gutters – clogged gutters can also cause basement flooding during heavy downpours since these cannot properly drain water away from your home.
  • Improperly installed drainage – downspouts that are not installed correctly can also be the cause of flooded basements.

No matter what causes your basement to flood, having a sump pump installed helps take care of the problem. If the basement in your home in Greater Charleston, SC is prone to flooding, you can contact Mount Valley Foundation Services to have a sump pump installed. Other basement waterproofing services we offer include the installation of drainage systems and dehumidification.

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